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Welcome Lady

Posted by laurie on April 29, 2013


Susan (from DE) writes:

We are once again a two dog household! “Lady” arrived yesterday, she’s 9 years old (Josie is 13!) and as you can see, a little smaller than Josie. They’re getting along fine, but aren’t really “hanging out” together just yet (Except in the kitchen, of course!).

Don’t let Lady’s name, petite stature and demure posing for the camera fool you … this 25 pound critter is more beagle than both Josie and Jordan ever were. Rob had to “bear proof” the kitchen, so now we have child safety latches on the cabinets where there is food or trash, and the dishwasher must be thoroughly clicked shut if there are dirty dishes in it. And apparently, Josie and Jordan really never alerted us to exactly how many squirrels there are in the woods around the house — apparently millions, and a beagle really should be baying at them regularly throughout the day.

Lady came with a small crate, and that’s her bedroom of choice. However, it’s a rule that all unattended pillows in the house are Josie’s, and this afternoon we found her curled up asleep inside Lady’s crate, testing out her pillow. I thought we were going to have to call the fire department to bring the jaws of life to get her out, it was kind of a tight squeeze!

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