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Archive for May 1st, 2013

Orion (no belt)

Posted by laurie on May 1, 2013


See that innocent little nose on the bottom? Last night during dinner Phillip noticed that Sherm was not in his usual spot near the table, and in fact hadn’t seen him for a bit. I got up to look outside and saw him in the middle of the lawn, looking around. Just like this. We finished dinner and still no Sherman so Phillip gave Stanley his treat and brought one outside only to discover that Sherman was on laying on top of a small, dead rabbit. So proud! What are rabbits doing in a yard that smells like predator? That’s not the end because within the hour we heard his hunting shriek and Phillip found another small, dead rabbit. And maybe half an hour later we heard him again, and this time he was underneath the wood pile and came out filthy (though rabbit-less). Finally we locked them in for the night. And thanks to my brave husband I never even caught a glance of the small, dead rabbits.

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