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Archive for May 13th, 2013

So much clearer

Posted by laurie on May 13, 2013


I had Lasik surgery in 2003. I went from being -9.00 to 20/20 vision literally overnight. Having worn glasses since the second grade, this was thrilling beyond belief. To wake up and see everything clearly! To throw out the thick glasses and the contact lens accoutrements! Unfortunately, after a few years I started to squint and to make a long story short I now wear -3.50 contacts. My eye doctor said it is very rare for eyes to regress after Lasik and unfortunately my cornea is not thick enough for a repeat procedure. It was fun while it lasted. But what’s up with this “rare” stuff and me? First my eyes, then my (even rarer) cecal volvulous (i.e., colon twisting). What’s next? I don’t want to know.

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