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Want a swig?

Posted by laurie on May 17, 2013


We’ve been having dinner out on the Lido Deck for the past few days and as you can see, beagle table manners apparently don’t extend outdoors. The weather is lovely and there are no bugs yet, but there is this one dog (who shall remain nameless) who takes the opportunity to bark at any and all noises from next door or the road. We are so fortunate that our neighbors don’t complain.


21 Responses to “Want a swig?”

  1. JC said

    Look at that tongue! What was for dinner?

  2. Patr said

    I am always amazed how far a beagle can extend their tongue! And the side cock of the head to aid in its reach. Too very cute.

    I had a basset once that nabbed a WHOLE JALAPENO off the plate. It had been cooked into a pot of chili, so it was whole, with seeds and all the cumin and chili powder flavor in/on it…. Poor stupid Fred….he swallowed it whole and the next day he was miserable when he did his ‘business’…..

    • Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

      Oh poor Fred! I can only imagine…did he ever go for more off the plate after that?

  3. harperlea said

    Just last night Rick and I had steaks for dinner (on tv trays) and here comes Shotzy, the GS, and puts her head on my table wanting my steak… Im actually impressed by her manners…. She wanted it, but knows not to just take it….

    Maureen… I hope you and yours are safe!!!!

    • Susan in DE said

      When I was growing up, we had a wonderful GS named Lady (nothing like the current Lady in our house!). She had very good (i.e, non-beagle) manners. However, once when my Mom was eating from her lap in front of the TV, Lady was looking hopefully at her plate and wagging her tail. Mom said, “No, this isn’t for you.” Lady then let out a big sneeze right in the plate, and kept wagging. Mom gave her the food and got a new plate for herself, Lady was very happy.

  4. Baci's mom said

    Oh, sure, it’s all fun and games until someone gets a fork stuck in his eye.

  5. Linda UK said

    Oh, to eat outside! Such a cold Spring here in the UK 😦 Just love the gymnastics beagles can do in an attempt to get even a lick of a plate…

  6. Susan Hann said

    It’s all part of the beagle expansion factor – you know how their bodies expand in your bed, expand on the sofa. etc. – well their tongues expland to get to food!

  7. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    What a great shot of the tongue!!!

  8. What is it about eating outside that all table manner training goes out the door. If the table is outside the beagle can jump and and beg and that’s okay?

    Normally we don’t eat on the couch because of beagle # Rosco and all non-begging at dinner time training we did. However one night my husband was out of town and for some reason I decided to make calamari steak (which I never do but it looks so good at the fish market). I sat in front of the TV and paused to look up at the TV screen and seconds later the calamari steak was in Rosco’s mouth. Lesson learned.

  9. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Our Cassie’ tongue has shlurped a whole piece of cheese off the table and a huge slice of pork pie, both of which I thought were too far away from the edge for her to reach (JB knows better than to steal from the table!). However that beagle extending tongue can reach places you wouldn’t imagine it could reach!!

  10. Peggy said

    Penny is unusually tall, for a female Beagle–about 16.5 inches–her Dad was 17 inches. That being said, we usually dine with our food toward the middle of the table, or arrange bottles of diet soda around the plates, so our tall and tan and young and lovely ( actually black, tan and bluetick) can’t grab and snatch.

  11. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    When I had my first beagle, Bogie, we went to eat at the local A&W, where you eat in your car. I ordered a coney island (a hot dog with meat sauce) and was eating it, with Bogie right beside me. He had this way of looking PAST something, when actually his entire attention was ON it. Suddenly he made a lunge for my coney island, and before I knew it he had HALF the thing in his mouth and was happily chowing it down. I was so mad I yelled at him, and because the car windows were open, everybody in the other cars could hear me (and laugh!)

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