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Your honor

Posted by laurie on May 29, 2013


Phillip is holding Stanley from underneath while uncle Bob took the picture. They were at the municipal building for the Memorial Day parade and this is the Council chambers. Which has now had the good fortune of having a beagle walk all over the table.

26 Responses to “Your honor”

  1. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    I wonder what his first official business will be. Perhaps to ensure free treats to all dogs with doubles for beagles!! A 10 acre bark park with a wading pool.

  2. harperlea said

    Now THAT’S a politician that I would fully support! 🙂
    Great picture.

  3. If Philip’s opposition in the next election gets hold of this photo and uses it against Philip, he will be defeated in a landslide. And by “he” I mean the opposition.

    No one would vote against a BEAGLE!! Especially one as cute as Stan!

  4. Yes, I say. A chicken in every pot, and dog treats in every chicken!

  5. Linda UK said

    No more b(p)arking fines!

  6. Patr said

    I would VOTE for him!

  7. Karen S. said

    Laurie, post this to your facebook page!

  8. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    That’s hilarious. Stan looks as worked up as he should be at a city council meeting!

  9. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Can you imagine if Beagles ran the world?!!!! There would be no wars, no terrorism, no politics, just eating, playing, sniffing, walking and sleeping. Sounds like a perfect world to me …………

  10. Mark & Bobbie said

    Loved the pic, he has our vote.

  11. C Siding aka Generator-man said

    He was making a motion to abolish the leash law

  12. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Stanley looks eager to get the meeting underway!

  13. Tamarah said

    ❤ ❤ ❤ this!

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