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Open for discussion: June 27

Posted by laurie on June 27, 2013


Both of these are from 13 years ago. My oh my, do we look young! Notice Clayton’s tail wag in the top photo.


So THAT’S what color my hair used to be. Son of a gun!

11 Responses to “Open for discussion: June 27”

  1. Karen S. said

    Love seeing these pictures!

  2. Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

    I love seeing these too. And, when I first saw the top picture, I thought Philip had dyed his hair! Ha. Love these. Thanks for sharing, and that is quite some tail wag!

  3. Susan in DE said

    Wonderful photos! And also that was back in the day before Clayton got the Scooter notch in his ear. What glorious ears they are!

  4. harperlea said

    Love the pictures and Clayton’s tail wag :). Makes me happy just seeing a good wag.
    Clayton what a handsome hound!

  5. Lynne said

    Wow look at that tail wag. So cute to see. Clayton was a happy boy 🙂

  6. Sue ~ Barney , Jodi, & Huggy Bear's Mom said

    Yes those are beautiful ears…

  7. Karen S. said

    Clayton looked so much like my Rowdy.

  8. C Siding aka Generator-man said

    God my wife is hot!!!!

  9. Peggy said

    How I loved seeing Clayton with his gorgeous Parents. I know LadyBeagle greeted her LoverMan Clayton with many arooooos when he went to the Bridge. ( Lady put the ‘Bay’ in ‘Bay Ridge”–she could bring traffic on Shore Road to a dead stop). He was so sweet.


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