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Stanley’s diet begins today

Posted by laurie on June 14, 2013


Vous gets playful about an hour into the evening. I guess she knows not to invite Sherman because she never does. But she does enjoy teasing Stanley.


Much like his predecessors, Stanley doesn’t quite know how to react. When Vous does a play bow, Stanley barks at her.


Is this a rescue beagle thing? Did they not spend enough time with their littermates? Very puzzling.

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Gracie Allen & Peggy Pepper

Posted by laurie on June 13, 2013


Pat writes:

Gracie Allen (beagle) and Peggy Pepper

SISTERS! These two are constantly competing for attention…. And do get into arguments about food, but occasionally we catch them like this and you just have to say awe…..

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Positions, please

Posted by laurie on June 12, 2013


Vousie is getting better at eating her meals without pausing every other bite to do a lap around the room. She’s eating in the kitchen now, under my supervision. Actually, Stanley is the one I supervise. Our dinner is another story. She is usually on the move, around the table, under the table, next to the table. We are rarely successful in teaching dinner manners to guest dogs. Mainly because we don’t want to get up every 10 seconds.

Princeton was evacuated yesterday due to threats of bombs in multiple buildings. I was lucky to get out of town quickly before the really awful traffic began. They reopened at 6:30 last night. I had a nice day with the doggies.

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Chapter 1

Posted by laurie on June 11, 2013


This is one of my all-time favorites. Not just because it’s so funny but because it so accurately portrays each boy’s personality. Scooter the space cadet, the laid back Clayton and the aloof Spenser, dreaming of beyond the fence.

Coming up this week is a guest DD and photos of a beagle/pit bull and Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy’s new dachshund/pit bull rescue.

1 PM update: You may have read that Princeton University was evacuated today due to a bomb threat. I’m home, safe and sound with three sleeping doggies.

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Water, water everywhere

Posted by laurie on June 10, 2013


The canal is across the street from us, and the (Millstone) river is on the other side of the canal. Both flood rather easily, as they did on Friday when we got the remains of the tropical storm “A”-something. Along the canal path are spillways, lowered areas of the path which allow the water to overflow in either direction. This is a spillway at the half point of Phillip’s five mile walk with the boys (he turns around here and goes back) and you can see it hard at work. While it looks like Stanley is on a little island…


…you can see (from Sunday) that he isn’t. On Saturday, Sherman actually jumped into the water when he saw a beaver. And then fortunately realized the error of his ways and jumped back out.

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It must be summer

Posted by laurie on June 7, 2013


Camp officially opened Wednesday with the arrival of Vous, Phillip’s sister’s sheltie. You last met her when Sara came to visit me after I got out of the hospital. Sara is in Rome, so Vous is New Jersey. Vous is an only doggy and consequently she eats rather leisurely.


Pausing to savor the flavor and look around. The first time she paused Stanley moved right on in. So now Vous eats in the private dining area of Phillip’s office, with the doors closed.


She usually leaves a little bit and I let Stanley go for it so she can see the folly of her ways and hopefully start to eat like a beagle.

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Open for discussion: June 6

Posted by laurie on June 6, 2013


Scooter was the wackiest dog we’ve ever met. Phillip liked to say that if asked for his favorite color, Scooter would answer “plaid”. The other boys would sit and watch us eat dinner while Scooter sat backward and admired the wall. He was one of a kind, that Scootie Patootie.

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I smell something

Posted by laurie on June 5, 2013


I would just love to have the sense of smell of a beagle. Just for a day, maybe even just a few hours as I’m sure it would be overwhelming. Can you imagine?

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Open for discussion: June 4

Posted by laurie on June 4, 2013


I believe I took this in December of 2001. Clayton was on 7 weeks of crate rest due to what they thought was a spinal problem but which turned out to be an auto-immune disorder. He had several recurrences of it, all treated successfully with Prednisone. But at the time he went from crate to crate to outdoors on a leash. I had been laid off from work shortly after 9/11 and so I was able to take care of him all day. Some things (layoff) work out for the best.

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Up in the sky

Posted by laurie on June 3, 2013


I was eating lunch outside on Sunday with my lunch monitor, when a low-flying plane dragging a large banner for GEICO insurance buzzed overhead. Stanley freaked out, barking and “chasing” the plane. Sherman came running out but he didn’t hear the plane so he ran around wondering what the heck was going on. I nearly choked on my sandwich it was so funny.

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