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Open for discussion: July 2

Posted by laurie on July 2, 2013


Matisse lived to be 17 years old. I can’t say he was the brightest poodle on the block. After Phillip moved the doggy door from a sliding glass door insert to the wall, Matisse would sit in front of where the old door was and (I guess) wait for it to open.


He also loved to be carried around with his head on my shoulder. Little baby Matisse. He was also afraid of bowls. I had to put his kibble on a plate.

15 Responses to “Open for discussion: July 2”

  1. Linda Collins said

    He was blonde.

    Sent from my iPad.

    Never underestimate the warmth of a cold, wet nose.

  2. Susan in DE said

    Awww, Matisse and Scooter!! So sweet. :-> We also had the same issue with Jordan when we switched the dog door from the panel that inserted in the sliding door, to the door in the wall. He’d look at where it used to be, then look at us with sad eyes (I think partly it was because the new door was a little smaller, so he had to step up and crouch down a bit at the same time to get through, and he didn’t really like that). I told him, “When we win the lottery, I promise the first thing we will do is hire someone to sit in a chair by the door all day to let you in and out whenever you want.” That turned into needing to hire a staff of three or four in order to cover the job 24/7 including holidays. Free room and board, if you don’t mind living in the shed out back. Oh, and since in his heart Jordan always wanted to be a circus dog, the uniform was going to be a clown costume. :->

  3. Rebecca Campbell said

    Scootie Pie looks a lot like our Brooklyn. She came to us in March and is learning to fit in. She can be a typical “hard of listening” Beagle, but mostly she is sweet. Thanks for sharing the sweet memories.

  4. Susan in DE said

    Oh and I had to share my all-time favorite DD that featured Matisse (and all three beagle boys!):

  5. Julie, JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Such gorgeous pictures of beautiful dogs!

    Hope everyone in the US is keeping cool and not suffering from those incredible temperatures we’ve been hearing about in the UK (5 degrees we heard yesterday, Death Valley I think). Far too hot for our beagley friends in fur coats – stay safe everyone x

  6. JC said

    Aw. I always want to pick dogs up and cuddle them…

  7. Karen S. said

    If Matisse watched Star Trek on a regular basis of course he’d expect the door to open by itself.

  8. Sue K said

    Matisse sure was a cutie. Brady and Ginger went to see the vet for their annual checkup on Tuesday. Over the years in taking our various beagles to the vet I have always heard “Well he could really lose some weight.” This year was different! Brady was told he was the perfect Beagle weight. The vet said she usually doesn’t get to say that about Beagles! Ginger, however…. The vet said she wasn’t very overweight but she could drop a pound or two. Brady tried to make her weigh more by putting his paw on the scale!

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