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Posted by laurie on July 19, 2013


I wanted to take pictures of the boys outside but it is so brutally warm here that I refuse to stray from air-conditioning. I took this during dinner last night. There are a few things you can learn from this. First, Stanley’s nails need clipping. Second, I took this with my swivel camera. Without it I would have had to lay down on the floor, and shutter lag didn’t pose a problem because Stan was NOT moving. Third, I need to sweep that floor, how embarrassing.

8 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. dezlboy said

    Love that lip curl! Yep,way too hot in Arlington VA too! Scout’s evening walk has been cut by half.

  2. Susan in DE said

    I thought it was really hot the past few days, but it was already hideously humid and way too warm at 6am this morning. I am NOT looking forward to the horse show I’m supposed to ride in early this evening (and I’m sure Bayberry the horse isn’t, either). We’ll just take it easy when we can!

  3. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Cute pic of Stanley (as always!)

    Cody’s toenails were last trimmed at the end of January and he needs it done again, I think they’re worse than Stan’s(!)

    We are still having a lot of heat and humidity here in Wisconsin. I’m wondering if I should take the boys to the dog park today or wait until tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be cooler and less humid. They haven’t been there since Monday, and I promised them that on this, my week of vacation, they would go at least twice. Can’t break promises to the boys, now, can I?

  4. Spunky's Mom said

    Way too warm and humid here in southern Michigan, too. Took Spunky walking at 9:00 this morning to get it done “early” – it was already 80 degrees and about 75% humidity. It was a shorter than normal walk, but halfway through she still wanted to lay down in the shade and rest. She was doing the rubbing on her back thing, then just stopped, feet up in the air, tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. I wanted to take a picture but she moved before I could get it.

    And don’t even talk to me about nails. Spunky’s are terrible, and we are terrible for not getting them trimmed more often. Especially those dew claws.

  5. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Well, our weather here has been lovely (sorry all!) so I have no excuse other than a heavy workload for not taking the beagles out more. I’m promising big things for tomorrow though!

  6. harperlea said

    I’m working in Paso Robles, CA, and it will hit 100 or 102 before I leave the job site 🙂
    But 1 hour south where I live it’s probably mid 70s.
    We’re bad Basset owners too…. Bartles’ toenails are like little ice picks…. And let’s not talk about dirty floors… Mine are WAY WORSE!

  7. Julie, JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    It’s been incredibly hot here in the UK too – 90 degrees or so and next week is supposed to be even hotter! So it’s been early morning and late evening walks, with big Z’s in between!

  8. Carol, Eddy's mom said

    What has Stan’s attention? Must be delicious.

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