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Our Saturday adventure

Posted by laurie on July 24, 2013


Sherman was due for his rabies shot and rather than take him to the vet where I’d have to wait and probably pay excessive amounts of money, I took him to the local pet store which had a vaccination clinic last Saturday. I don’t think I would have brought Stanley there because of all the noise he would have generated. Sherman, on the other hand, was perfectly well-behaved except when he lifted his leg and marked the corner of the check-out counter. I have never seen him mark before and was shocked, but the store people thought nothing of it. Anyway, he met a lot of dogs and he was quite the gentleman.


It turned out that the wait was longer than it probably would have been at the vet. They just didn’t seem to have their act together. We strolled around the store while we waited. I used to bring Clayton here and (with the manager’s permission) let him off the leash to “browse”.


Sherman was a little quicker than Clayton used to be — in fact, as you can see, he was just a blur.

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