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See you in September

Posted by laurie on August 19, 2013


I’m spending the week at Elliot’s house in Oregon. My sister and brother-in-law live there as well. I’ll be back here the week after next. See you then!

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Will you be my friends?

Posted by laurie on August 16, 2013


We all took a walk on the canal the other night. Gorgeous weather. This is right after Stan’s encounter with another dog. He does NOT believe that other dogs should be on the canal and is rather vocal about it. Once the confrontation is over, he goes berserk sniffing the trail that the other dog left in its wake.


Sometimes Stan hangs back and Sherman, who is not on a leash, takes off in front. I’m not sure if any of his feet are on the ground here.


Because look! Twin toddlers!

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Mirror, mirror

Posted by laurie on August 15, 2013


Scooter and Buttercup, a.k.a. Cupper.


They were hard to tell apart, you often had to go by their collars.

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Sit up

Posted by laurie on August 14, 2013


Patting the seat of the chair used to get the other boys to jump up on it. These guys, not so much. Which is probably a good thing because they’ve never climbed on a kitchen or dining room chair. But anyway, I had to put a treat on the chair. Sherman jumped right up.


Stanley took the easy way out. Yes, that’s his tongue.

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Having a ball!

Posted by laurie on August 13, 2013


Scooter loved his toys. He would always greet people at the door with one, maybe two toys in his mouth. His record was four toys and Phillip had to perform an emergency toyectomy to keep him from choking.


Not many beagles play fetch but this one did. Only trouble was getting the ball out of his mouth when he brought it back.


Scootie Patootie!

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Lazy dayz

Posted by laurie on August 12, 2013


Beginning next Monday, I’ve decided to take a DD holiday through Labor Day (Sept 2). It feels very extravagant and although I feel a tiny bit guilty, a break is just the thing I need. I sure hope you won’t forget to come back in September!

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His triumphant return

Posted by laurie on August 9, 2013


With a new window and sliding glass door installed, Captain Siding returned for an encore. This part of the house wasn’t sided because it was inside the former sunroom.


Just like Clayton (again!), Boo does a dynamite frog-dog.


Boo loves his mama and they all went home yesterday. Boo hoo!

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Mr. Butt Up

Posted by laurie on August 8, 2013


Commenting on Boo’s butt-up last week, Karen remembered that Clayton’s butt-up upon meeting us instantly made us say, “we want him!”. I mean really, how can you resist a beagle butt-up?

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Today’s the day!

Posted by laurie on August 7, 2013


Happy birthday to my Bink! What better way to wake up than with three beagles?

Phillip always take the week of his birthday off. Bob and Rita are staying for a couple of days on their way back from Pennsylvania. The guys put in a new sliding glass door while the girls cheered them on. Phillip and I are still working on our plan to hide the Boo. We’ll really miss him.

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9/99 B.W.A.T.G.

Posted by laurie on August 6, 2013


(Before we all turned gray.) I think Scooter is the real captain here.


Speaking of Scooter, we got him through these friends. Mary was a colleague of the woman who didn’t want Scooter anymore, and Joe is a colleague of Phillip’s. At the time they had three beagles of their own. Now they have three children and one non-beagle.


Dog paddle!

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