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The Boo

Posted by laurie on August 5, 2013


The cool-a-roo is very popular with the campers this summer.


Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy came over to visit the Boo. He was a little nervous and ran up the stairs.


But before you knew it, Aunt Nancy had found Boo’s sweet spot and was scritch-scratching away.

Yesterday we took all three for a walk on the canal. They were exceptionally well-behaved and received many compliments. “Are they related?” They always ask that!

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B. Barney Boo

Posted by laurie on August 2, 2013


Say hi to Boo! Boo is a former show dog from Texas who now lives in the lap of luxury with Aunt Rita and Uncle Bob (1st) on Cape Cod. They’re in Pennsylvania and dropped the Boo off with us. I haven’t told them yet, but we plan to keep him. Just look at this butt-up!


Boo has a pirate collar with skull and crossbones. He is one tough dude, who flops over for a tummy rub at the drop of a hat.


We’re still working on posing for the camera. B. Barney will be back on Monday.

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Tennis, anyone?

Posted by laurie on August 1, 2013


This is one of my favorite pictures of Spenser. He loved to look outside, from wherever he happened to be. He escaped on many occasions and Phillip spent a good amount of time chasing him down in the woods. After he got out of our fenced yard a couple of times we put bricks down around the entire perimeter. That didn’t help so we put chicken wire around the entire perimeter. That didn’t help either so we put an Invisible Fence wire around the entire (outer) perimeter so that he couldn’t get close enough to the fence to escape. This was 100% successful for the several years he wore the collar whenever we weren’t home. Occasionally we could be more clever than Spenser.

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