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Off and running

Posted by laurie on September 16, 2013


At 7AM Saturday morning while drinking my coffee I got a phone call from Audrey, who had delivered the beagles the night before. “Do you have a missing Buddy?” she asked. “What??” I shrieked. “Someone just called me, he caught Buddy who was running on the road!” We’re very lucky she was still reachable, and this is why we have “guest collars” with our phone numbers. But I had mistakenly put on the set that Stan and Sherm wear at Audrey’s house, hence the confusion. I don’t know who felt worse – Audrey felt guilty that she had deposited an escape artist with us, and I was mortified that our fence wasn’t secure. Buddy and his rescuer showed up while Audrey and I were still on the phone and he was none the worse for wear. I needed a drink, but as I said, it was only 7AM.


This was the first escape from our yard in many, many years. Audrey says he’s not a climber but rather a tunneler and this was definitely the case, because his tummy was red and slightly abraded. We walked the fence several times and found one potential egress which Phillip reinforced. We’re almost certain he crawled under there but for peace of mind we resurrected the invisible fence (which was 100% successful in keeping Spenser in the yard.) So Buddy is wearing his little red collar of shame. He got only two small shocks before he figured it out. (The collar emits a tone before the shock. Pavlov kind of in reverse.)

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