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Miss Manners?

Posted by laurie on September 17, 2013


This was taken, believe it or not, from the dinner table. But before you think we’ve got them trained, well, stop thinking. It didn’t last for long.

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Camp report

Posted by laurie on September 17, 2013


I’ll stick to the fabulous four this week and next so Audrey and Kevin can see their kids while they’re in Italy. That’s Holly on the left and Sherman on his back. Buddy and Holly are wearing their guest collars and yesterday I bought a backup battery for Buddy’s collar of shame, since the one we have is several years old.


Here’s a close-up of Holly. She likes to stick her head under my arm when I’m at the computer to get some loving. The whole gang is sleeping in bed with us, moving in and out of the covers. Sometimes all four are under. I am an exceptionally sound sleeper so barely notice. (I think Phillip notices.) I just have one question – how do they breathe??

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