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Uh oh!

Posted by laurie on September 30, 2013


I recognized it immediately, the sound of stuffing being pulled out of a squeaky toy. But wait, all our squeaky toys are non-stuffed. Uh oh, what naughtiness was happening? It was Stanley de-stuffing Holly’s little daybed.


Sorry about that, Audrey and Kevin! I put the stuffing back in but the hole is still there. My sewing skills stop at buttons.

Tonight is pick-up night. Buddy and Holly are going to be SOOOO excited to see their parents! We are going to be SOOOO sad to see them go…


8 Responses to “Uh oh!”

  1. Patr said

    Oh Stanley! Was Holly so distraught she couldn’t look? Look at Buddy’s face, he looks so worried and standing back ready to console Holly.

    George has finally got over his need to pull stuffing out of beds. Or maybe – the KONG beds we changed too are just too tough. The beds are INDESTRUCTIBLE and wash very nicely too. (Yup, there is a dog product endorsement from me)

  2. Sam, Sweetums, and Sadie's Mom said

    Boys will be boys!!!

  3. Linda UK said

    I thought it was a crop of green veg at first glance!
    We will miss the antics of the Fab Four. . .

  4. JC said

    Wait, is that Holly getting in on the de-stuffing action? She may have a new hobby…

  5. Karen S. said

    Just you wait–Holly will be going home with naughty ideas. Oh well, Blue used to de-stuff my own mattress and comforter.

  6. That”s okay. When Stanley was visiting us , he went to every room in the house and dragged each dog bed to the top of the stairs and piled them up and started de-stuffing one of them as well. He may think that they are big stuffed toys and is looking for the squeaker. Good to be back home and looking forward to picking up the kids tonight. We missed them so much!

  7. Susan in DE said

    Just catching up on a week’s worth of great photos here! We just returned from a vacation at the beach, Outer Banks of North Carolina (Corolla, to be exact). We always get a dog-friendly rental home so we can bring the beagles along. Josie is used to the routine, but this was Lady’s first trip. She did well, although the beach was overwhelming …. people, dogs, fiddler crabs, shore birds. She barked her little brains out the whole time. A good trip overall, but all dogs were happy to return home.

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