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Off and running

Posted by laurie on September 16, 2013


At 7AM Saturday morning while drinking my coffee I got a phone call from Audrey, who had delivered the beagles the night before. “Do you have a missing Buddy?” she asked. “What??” I shrieked. “Someone just called me, he caught Buddy who was running on the road!” We’re very lucky she was still reachable, and this is why we have “guest collars” with our phone numbers. But I had mistakenly put on the set that Stan and Sherm wear at Audrey’s house, hence the confusion. I don’t know who felt worse – Audrey felt guilty that she had deposited an escape artist with us, and I was mortified that our fence wasn’t secure. Buddy and his rescuer showed up while Audrey and I were still on the phone and he was none the worse for wear. I needed a drink, but as I said, it was only 7AM.


This was the first escape from our yard in many, many years. Audrey says he’s not a climber but rather a tunneler and this was definitely the case, because his tummy was red and slightly abraded. We walked the fence several times and found one potential egress which Phillip reinforced. We’re almost certain he crawled under there but for peace of mind we resurrected the invisible fence (which was 100% successful in keeping Spenser in the yard.) So Buddy is wearing his little red collar of shame. He got only two small shocks before he figured it out. (The collar emits a tone before the shock. Pavlov kind of in reverse.)

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Posted by laurie on September 13, 2013


I didn’t have any photos for today, so I went looking through old ones. I’m pretty sure I posted this before, but it’s a dilly, don’t you think? Buddy and Holly arrive this evening so you can bet I’ll have plenty of photos for the next two weeks. Enjoy your weekend!

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My good boy

Posted by laurie on September 12, 2013


Clayton had a gorgeous howl — deep and melodious.


And the most soulful eyes. (I must have been holding some food.)

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Lazy Bonzzz

Posted by laurie on September 11, 2013


Here’s the routine: I get up between 5 and 5:30 and feed the boys. While they go out I make my coffee and bring it to my computer. Sherman comes back in and stares adoringly at me. I pet him for a few moments and then he’s done and runs upstairs. Stanley drops by to see if I might have some food along with my coffee (hardly ever) and then runs upstairs as well. Eventually I too go upstairs to get ready for work. And this is what I typically see: Sherman in a tight ball on the covers and Stanley completely or partially under the covers. Sort of look the phases of the moon. I call this the “waning crescent”.

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Roscoe (and Scooter)

Posted by laurie on September 10, 2013


This was a caption contest photo and I think the winning caption was something along the lines of scaling Mt. Refrigerator. But I might be wrong.


This came the next day, titled, I think, “The making of the caption contest.”

Do you see the beagle in the Christmas card? Wearing scuba gear? That’s Donna’s Roscoe. I don’t remember what year this was, but it was a bunch of years ago. I brought it to our scuba shop, and they put it under a piece of glass on the desk (with other photos, etc.) and last I looked, it was still there. Roscoe lives on!

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The ladies

Posted by laurie on September 9, 2013


Tootsie and Buttercup stayed with us over the Labor Day weekend. The four of them worked diligently on their tag-team barking. I read somewhere on the worldwide interweb last week that beagles are the barkiest dogs. These four sure are!


This coming Saturday, Audrey’s Buddy and Holly arrive. We can’t wait!!


Buttercup loved the pup tent bed, but she never went inside, just stayed on the top and made funny faces like this one.

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Posted by laurie on September 6, 2013


Maureen writes:

Jake went to the Bridge on Saturday after 15.5 yrs as my best friend. Someone once said to me he was an angel on earth and that captured his spirit exactly. He was always gentle and loving. He was a great listener–oh the secrets he took with him! He was the best snuggler in the world and was always up for a cuddle. Lily and I miss him so much.

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Good buddies

Posted by laurie on September 5, 2013


It wasn’t long into the Daily Digital that I began to look at just about everything as a potential prop. Like this truck that I think belonged to the guys who did our roof. Just look at those tail wags!

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Hold on!

Posted by laurie on September 4, 2013


It seems inevitable that one of the boys weasels his way onto a lap during a dinner party. This time it was Judy’s lap. She is holding onto Stanley quite tightly because of that (delicious!) Zucchini Chocolate Orange Cake on the table.

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103 miles!

Posted by laurie on September 3, 2013


How about that Diana Nyad? In case you were away from tv or the worldwide interweb yesterday, the 64 year old water warrior completed a 103 mile swim from Cuba to Florida. Can you imagine? To put that in perspective, when I was approximately half that age I swam in a race across the Chesapeake Bay, about 4.4 miles. There were no sharks or jellyfish and I wore part of a wetsuit. It took me a few hours, I was terribly seasick and even threw up a few times. I didn’t have much fun. But had I gone back and forth another, what, 23 times and not slept at all, I would have been just like Diana Nyad!


But the good news is I have 10 years to train!

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