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Posted by laurie on October 31, 2013


Poor Spenser, the indignities he had to suffer in the name of American holidays.

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Is this spot taken?

Posted by laurie on October 30, 2013


Good thoughts to everyone, especially Donna and Spencer (see yesterday’s comments). Stan’s hip is bothering him again so I started the pain pills last night. We’re pretty sure it’s his hip, because he licks it a lot. A vet visit might be in order soon.

Today’s photo is kind of amusing. The beagles got their after dinner treats and scattered to eat them. Somehow Sherman and Buttercup ended up right next to each other. So much for privacy!

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Does this kitchen make me look fat?

Posted by laurie on October 29, 2013


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I always chuckle when I think about it. According to Phillip, if Scooter was asked for his favorite color, he’d say plaid. He was such a silly boy.

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Next, peanut butter

Posted by laurie on October 28, 2013


“What’s this? It smells interesting.”


“Just a taste.”


“Awful! But that hasn’t stopped me yet!”

Stanley (who can now jump up onto the couch) gently picked up the lemon and took it into the sun where he licked it a little more and then gave up.

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Posted by laurie on October 25, 2013


Frequently when I get home, Stanley will jump up on me and then do this same stretch as Sherman is doing. Like I’m a stretching post! Does anyone else’s beagle do that?

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As far as the eye can see

Posted by laurie on October 24, 2013


Back when my lawn contained actual grass…

Don’t forget to buy the calendar! I’ve received less than half the number of orders as in previous years. Go here: 2014 DD calendar and order today!

P.S. I spoke with Audrey last night and Holly is doing a little better. Stanley continues to improve.


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Here, I’ll help

Posted by laurie on October 23, 2013


Stanley is steadily improving and very kindly offered his assistance to Phillip in modifying his signs from four years ago. Rather than buy new signs, he taped new election dates and urls to the old ones. He has a few of these photo signs in addition to the standard ones. His new url is which, if you’re a policy wonk, you might enjoy.

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Posted by laurie on October 22, 2013


I found a CD with photos from the computer I retired in 2005. That’s the year I got my first Mac.

I had been using a Mac at work. Biologists tend towards Macs, not PCs. I am happy to follow them.

Stan is a little better in that I didn’t hear him yelp at all yesterday. While he goes up and downstairs without complaint, he can’t get on the couch by himself and is afraid of stepping from the bench in front of the bed to the bed.

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Stan update

Posted by laurie on October 21, 2013


Stan’s mood is much improved and he does stairs without much trouble, but whenever he stands up he yelps in pain. I had stopped the Tramadol and started it back up last night. I think his mood might have something to do with the fact that the girls are here for the week. (Yes, camp was extended into the fall this year.) Either Tootsie or Buttercup goes on alert and dashes out the door; Stan occasionally joins them, and always barks or growls.


I heard Sherman’s hunting screech and went out to find he had dug a huge hole in the dirt. Huge. I carried him inside but of course he went right back out, I don’t know what I was thinking. I followed him a little later with the camera and couldn’t find the hole, he’d covered it up with leaves. Hmmm.

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It must run in the family

Posted by laurie on October 18, 2013


Mr. Stanley still has pain in his hind leg/hip. We’ve started giving him Tramadol but haven’t seen much improvement yet. He is somewhat lethargic and not his usual animated and talkative self. The vet said to give it a week before we bring him again. At least (from x-rays) we know that it is most likely a soft tissue injury. Hopefully I’ll have better news on Monday.

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