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Get out the wallet

Posted by laurie on October 11, 2013


We’re taking both boys to the vet today for their checkups. We should probably stop by the bank on the way to take out a loan. What with shots and blood tests and heartworm meds, it’s going to cost a ton of money. Take a guess how much, I’ll let you know on Monday.

30 Responses to “Get out the wallet”

  1. Marty Lucion said

    Are they not worth every penny though. So precious.

    P Please consider the environment before printing.

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  2. harperlea said

    Love that expressiOn on Sherm’s (?) face!
    My guess is $268.

    It’s probably a bit low…
    I think our vet charges $56 for the check up and $18 to $30 something for shots (we get the 3 year rabies), and I have no clue on blood tests or heart worm meds… Thank goodness our area is (so far) in the low to no heart worm areas… And we use Comfortis flea meds (pill form so they aren’t all slimy) and that runs $90 for 6 pills.

  3. Patr said

    Well, we have 2 beagles – sans any dental, my guess with 6 months of meds – $450. Sherman looks so excited about the adventure today….

  4. Gypsy & Trents dad said


  5. Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

    $omplace around $550. We cringe when we do the annuals for our 3 cats and 1 dog (used to be 2 with Kramer). A $mall loan just might be in order. šŸ™‚ But as Marty Lucion says, aren’t they worth every penny? And the answer is YES!

  6. Beaglemom to Ben & Tito said

    When I take both pooches in for annuals, plus shots, plus heartworm it is typically around $650. So that is my guess.

  7. Kaye - Bode's mum said

    It depends on whether you are administering heartworm and flea/tick for 12 months and what shots the boys need. If you are doing 12 months and they need all their shots, I would guess $800. I think $400 is what we paid recently for the perfect storm scenario of 12 months and all shots for Bode. I feel like I’m on the Price is Right! šŸ™‚

    • Carol, Libby's mom said

      I would guess $800 for both. Sometimes it seems more like Let’s Make a Deal. This also reminds me of a George Carlin bit from a “long time ago, in a galaxy far….” where the husband of a divorcing couple had to play the Alimony Dart Board to determine how much he’d pay. That seems sort of sexist now, but back then not so much. But as many have said, they are all MORE than worth it.

      Unrelated FYI – My husband David died one year ago as of this Sunday, October 13th. Thanks very much to Laurie, Philip, Stanley, Sherman and all the DD family for all the light hearted beagle and honorary beagle silliness.

      Have fun and be safe on Columbus Day, whether you will be working or not.

  8. Rebecca Campbell said

    I stopped at the vet this week to get a 1 month supply of HeartGard for our 4 Beagles and it cost $52.50. That was for 4 of the HeartGard chewables, not 4 boxes, 4 pills. My guess for the boys’ bill today is = $438.00. I agree with the others that our “kids” are totally worth it šŸ™‚

  9. Marilyn Mullennax said

    I am guessing around $500.00.

  10. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Ugh. Vet bills. I’m happy when the invoice line items have no comma.

    Gomez had not one but two knee surgeries in the last year. They were terribly expensive, but there ya go. He’s my dog, and I take care of my dogs. I’m grateful we have good veterinary care available for our beloved beagles.

  11. We rotate our dogs. Oscar in April (his birthday) and Spencer in September (Tim’s birthday) so spread the pain out every six months. The heart guard, I buy the 26-50 pound pills and cut them in half. That way a box of six lasts six months. The big shot every three years and bordetello and leptospirosis annually since they are so social.

    So for the vet visit, shots, fecal test and heart worm test $162 each. Add-ons separate.

    • We don’t have to do rabies shots here and I’m thinking New Jersey might be more expensive. So I’m going to up the cost to $195 each. Add on’s like heart guard and flea meds separate because everyone has a different system. (tax not included)

  12. Gunner and Bailey's mom Anne said

    I have to take Gunner this weekend as well so we can compare costs! I’m thinking his 3yr rabies plus labs will be about $250 so I’m guessing vet plus heartworm for you will be $800 (NJ is prob more expensive than MO). After our recent bout with a food issue for Bailey after what we think was her eating a bad cicada and Gunner’s trip to the ER for back pain and follow up at the vet and dentals for both this year, it’s been a pricey dog year! All worth it for sure, love them so much.

  13. Linda UK said

    I’ll have a guess, but can only go by the costs here in the UK ( and a currency conversion!) – about $350?

  14. Susan in DE said

    Yeah, I’m leaning with Harper and Anne on their assessments … in the $250 range for the visit, plus the add ons for the take home meds. We’ve had an expensive year as well …. having Lady join our family and get the initial visit with our vet for $250 plus $900 for dental work (The vet record we got from her previous owner, whose 70+ year old vet is on the verge of retirement, was a photocopy of an index card showing yearly vaccinations, and a rabies certificate). Josie’s never-ending chronic UTIs have cost a fortune in visits, cultures and expensive antibiotics … and then there’s her chiropractic (there was acupuncture as well, but that’s stopped being effective, so I’ve stopped doing [and paying!] for it).

    Yup, they’re our babies, and we give them the best!

  15. $800. (now to see what other’s answered).

  16. Leah said

    Let’s see, exams and meds for two pretty special Beagle boys…. priceless.

  17. Carol, Eddy's mom said

    Ugh, I was trying to forget, but Eddy’s bill was $342, so I’ll guess $684!!! They are worth every penny, but it’s a shocker when you write the check

  18. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Cody gets his shots and heartworm meds in January and Henry gets his in July. It comes to about $240 each time. Next year they will both get their 3-year rabies shots again, so that will bring the price up. Also, Henry’s neck issues last summer caused me to open a Care Credit account, which still isn’t totally paid off.

    But as others have said . . . they are our babies and they are worth it!

  19. Julie, JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Here in England it’s about Ā£40 for a health check and booster jab, plus about Ā£205 for flea/worm meds for both of them for 12 months. So in US dollars, my guess is $350 – $400. I agree with everyone who says they’re worth every penny, but I can’t help but think that if vet care was more affordable there would be less pets who don’t get the treatment they deserve/need. It seems that prices are high on both sides of the Atlantic – I think the vet that opens a surgery and offers affordable treatment would be swamped with customers!!

  20. FannieMae's Mom said

    About $350 each for the checkup, blood tests and heart worm meds. My pup (to me although she’s now 13), and the 2 cats pretty much break the bank each time we have a vet visit. And, the older they get . . .

  21. Spunky's Mom said

    Spunky’s annual is something north of $250……with shots, nail trim, a year of heartworm meds, and “special” blood work because she’s a senior. So I’m going with the $600 range. We get a $12 rebate check a few weeks later on the heartworm meds for buying a whole year’s supply at once (whoop dee doo) and the vet usually throws in some kind of toy or bag of free treats. As others have pointed out, the cost may be high, but the return on investment is awesome.

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