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Best laid plans…

Posted by laurie on October 14, 2013


I had a post all ready to go this morning about how low the vet bill was last Friday. That was before we took Stanley in at 2:30 this morning. He’s okay, but it was scary. He had been having leg/hip pain since Saturday and I’d given him half an aspirin with his meals. He vomited three times in the night and could not get comfortable. I don’t remember the last time he threw up, so we decided to take him in, as our vet is open 24/7. They did an x-ray and did not find any blockage and the vet is pretty sure the stomach upset is due to the aspirin. His leg and hip were also normal on x-ray. They sent him home with a few meds and I will stay with him today. It was hard not to think about Clayton’s last illness, but Phillip and I are much, much calmer now.

By the way, instead of buying heartworm pills at the vet last Friday, I got two prescriptions which I sent in to Doctors Foster and Smith for a huge savings, only $128 for 12 months for the two of them, saving over $100.

2:30 PM update: Stan has been sleeping in his pup tent the entire day. He’s not allowed food, but had a drink of water about fifteen minutes ago and kept it down. I think we’re going to be okay.

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