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Posted by laurie on October 25, 2013


Frequently when I get home, Stanley will jump up on me and then do this same stretch as Sherman is doing. Like I’m a stretching post! Does anyone else’s beagle do that?

24 Responses to “Stretchies”

  1. Beaglemom to Ben & Tito said

    Tito does that! He mainly does it with my husband – I guess b/c he is bigger.

  2. Yes – they both do that – then run to the doggie door and do more stretchies outside. Guess they both had been napping too much. Holly goes back to the vet today. She was moving around more last night – but still like a little old 80 year old artgrutuc lady instead of a 3 year old perky princess beagle.

  3. Lily does that when I let her out of her kennel after work and in the morning before I get her down from the bed. I love it! When Jake used to do it, I called them his hugs!

  4. harperlea said

    Bartles the Basset does it to me… Think 58 pound hound pushing on a 5’3″ woman! 🙂
    Shotzy the GS is too tall to do it on me, but she has a series of stretches that she does…. She’s really limber 🙂

  5. Susan in DE said

    Josie used to do it (and that’s a 35 lb beagle with big ol’ bear claw paws on a 5’3″ woman), but not so much anymore because of her hind end arthritis. Lady comes running toward you, rears up like she’s going to do it, but instead waves her front feet at you, and then does her stretchies on the floor. I think her prior owners maybe discouraged the jumping up, but she does bounce off us if she’s really excited.

  6. Jan said

    Oh, yes! Willow does this every morning and after any nap. Usually followed by rolling on the carpet and stretching, or rolling onto her back and scrunching around with all four feet up in the air. Sort of like the silliness in this video: (She likes to stop on walks and lounge on the neighbors’ plush grass.)

    • Susan in DE said

      That Willow is a cutie! Neighborhood lawn lounging was Jordan’s specialty. Greg, our neighbor across the street, has a particularly luxurious lawn that was Jordan’s favorite (Greg is always out there doing something with it), and if we were in a hurry on a walk, we had to be sure to cross the street before we got there or we’d never be able to go home. We have a sick sense of humor, and joked that when Jordan passed, we were going to bury him there (complete with a dog silhouette shape cut out of the turf and everything). He’s got a lovely spot in our garden instead. :->

  7. Karen said

    Our beagle boy Tucker does that exact stretch every time we get ready to feed him or give him a treat. It makes us laugh because its like an automatic response. If we even open the draw in the kitchen that his treats are in he does it! Cute little habit.

  8. Patr said

    Oh yes… George, Gracie and the little yorkie princess Peggy does too. She hurts the worst too – little sharp claws!

    Keep us posted on Holly please? poor girl.

  9. dezlboy said

    Yes, Scout used to do that all the time. Now it’s more of a bounce. Up and rebound off to run in the kitchen for a treat!

  10. JC said

    That’s great. Baxter never did this but he wasn’t much of a lap dog either. Also, I always thought this was what was referred to as a “butt-up.” What is a “butt-up” if it’s not this?

  11. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Add Onyx & Cobalt to the stretching list.
    Hoping to hear good news on Holly.

  12. Jean, Lexi's mum said

    Lexi does this all the time. Usually accompanied by her rather yowly yawn.

  13. donnabeaglemama said

    I thought all beagles did this. It’s called the Downward Dog pose

  14. Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

    Yes! Kramer would do that, and I would itch his armpits. He’d usually stay that way for a little while.

  15. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Henry stretches like this before he gets off my bed in the morning!

    Hoping to hear good news about poor Holly soon.

  16. Julie, JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Cassie does stretches up us but JB only does them on the ground. Both accompany their stretches with sound effects – JB sounds like an eider duck (“oooooooh”) and Cassie does a squeak. They both do roly polys, particularly JB who favours the Chinese rug in one of the bedrooms. Cassie didn’t roll at all when she first joined us (except in nasty things when on walkies) but she’s slowly learned to roll for pleasure too – it’s lovely to see her!

  17. Julie, JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Forgot say before pressing ‘enter’ – sending prayers for Holly, hope she makes a full recovery soon x

  18. Joan said

    Both my beagles do the Yoga stretch when I get home…too much napping, now ready for some action…need a good stretch first…also before meals at least a stretch if not a “drag your body on the carpet while pulling with your front paws”…I am certain that this meal routine has to do with stretching out the bellies as much as they can…to make sure that there will be plenty of room for the “goods”.

    • Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

      There ya go: they’re just making room for the most food possible. I once heard someone refer to their dog’s morning routine as, “wake up, yawn, do some yoga, then go out and pee”. That’s pretty much it!

  19. Joe in NJ said

    LOL. I get to see that numerous times a day! My Ryan is a beagle-yoga addict, even at 11 years old! Laurie, just a thought, but maybe it’s time to think about changing up the platform a bit. I come to visit the DD every day, but the BOTW site is kinda out of date. Maybe you should think about an instagram daily or a facebook daily? Just a thought. I know many people like your daily pics, but I would guess that the lack of content updates on the main page is driving visits down dramatically, which in turn is affecting orders for the calendar. I’d be happy to provide suggestions if you’re interested. And remember, change is good! Joe O’D (and Ryan)

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