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Goodbye pastels

Posted by laurie on November 8, 2013


Am I ever sick of these yellow walls. I painted most of the house in the years after we moved in (15 years ago) and to celebrate paying off the mortgage (!) we’re having part of it professionally painted next week. Phillip met Tony through politics and he’s going to paint the kitchen, living room and the hallway (upstairs and downstairs), plus the ceilings. The bedrooms and bathrooms don’t bother me that much so we’ll wait on those. I am going to be daring in the living room and paint it a dark color: “Etruscan” brown. My sister painted her family room this color and I liked it a lot when I saw it this summer. The hallway will be “Handmade” cream and the kitchen will remain blue though not the pastel blue I have come to despise, but a richer “Swiss” blue. This weekend we have to clean out the rooms and figure out how to keep the boys away from the painter. They like Tony and vice versa, it’s really more keeping them away from the paint. I’m sure Phillip will think of something clever. I just want to know one thing, how much do they pay people to come up with these absurd paint names? Is this a gig I could do when I retire?

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