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Intruder alert

Posted by laurie on November 11, 2013


Car in the driveway! Car in the driveway! But Stan, it’s OUR car.


It was quite windy here yesterday and the campaign signs took on a life of their own.

10 Responses to “Intruder alert”

  1. I hate this time of the year ( right after elections ) when we still have to keep looking at all the signs that politicians put up- but never take down. I think they should be fined by the townships. (littering ) Glad to see that you guys collected your signs. 🙂 – sorry about the wind getting them.
    Love your cars- Love Subarus – I have owned 4 of them in my life- and and the wagons are so dog friendly.

  2. Karen S. said

    The wind can help spread the message. Or can irritate everybody.

  3. harperlea said

    Perhaps even Mother Nature voted for Phillip 🙂

    I hate wind. And yet I moved from Santa Barbara to the Santa Maria area (which is a windy area)… What was I thinking?! Yet we’re not as windy as Lompoc thank goodness….

  4. Jackson Pack - Tuscola Texas said

    I just love seeing the seasons from your pictures. Texas is short on Fall and Spring and you give us a view of all four!

  5. Gretchen Kasch said

    Funny how beagles love to bark and howl at the strangest things! We just adopted another beagle into our pack. We have Frazzel who is 15 and we just rescued, Cocoa (she is around 6years old). It has been about 7years since we had 2 beagles and I was nervous about adding a new one. The first couple of days were rocky but now things are much smoother. Cocoa is such an amazing dog and seems to be so happy to have found her forever home. My kids are overjoyed that they now have a playmate as Frazzel spends most of her time sleeping. I have noticed that Cocoa has a whine that she makes when she wants to come inside, and a bark for other things…such as the garbage truck and the leaf blower. Silly dog!!

  6. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    I laughed at the title of today’s picture. That is the same thing Erich says either as he is coming through the door from the garage to the house, or sometimes when I come home. Cobalt and Onyx bark up a storm– not sure how many other people they think can park in our garage, but they are such good little watch dogs 🙂

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