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Beep beep

Posted by laurie on November 14, 2013


Whenever I left Clayton in the car for a few minutes, I’d always come back to find him in the driver’s seat. He was so adorable.


This was a caption contest photo – I wonder if Susan from DE and her prolific memory can tell us what the caption was?

13 Responses to “Beep beep”

  1. Beaglemom to Ben & Tito said

    So handsome!

  2. Stephen K. said

    I’m loving the retro photos…

  3. JC said

    Aw. In the car was the only time Baxter ever wanted to sit on my lap. I think it was because he secretly wanted to drive…

  4. Sue - Barney, Jodi & Huggy's Mom said

    Mr. Man was a handsome devil indeed. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Kaye - Bode's mum said

    I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Clayton. What a cutie pie!

  6. Susan in DE said

    Ha! Well, since this was “before my time” on the DD (I didn’t start following until early 2005), I didn’t actually remember this one. But I’ve got mad Internet search skills, and in looking at how dark Spencer and Clayton’s faces were, it didn’t take long to find it in the archives!

    Glad to hear that Spencer and Trent are improving. Josie’s eye issue is 95% better, and we just have to put an eyedrop in it a few times a day (She is starting to get annoyed by the process, which she initially didn’t mind … that tells me she feels like she doesn’t need it at all!).

    Josie is a good girl in the car, except on long rides she’ll take her 3/4 share of the back seat out of the middle and will smash Lady into the corner. She used to do that to Jordan, too, Lady is just lucky she’s a lot smaller than Jordan was. Lady is similar to Jordan in that if you don’t strap her down, she’s all over the place … Wants to drive, wants to ride shotgun, wants to ride with back feet on the back seat and front legs on the console, AND if you don’t use the child proof window lock button, she darn well knows how to roll down all the electric windows.

    • JC said

      Oh yeah, the child locks on the power windows are KEY. The problem isn’t rolling them down so much as inadvertently rolling them up when putting your paws on the armrest to better stick your head out the window.

    • Sue - Barney, Jodi & Huggy's Mom said

      Sounds like my bunch in the car….

  7. harperlea said

    Clayton was definitely (quoting Susan here) ADORABEAGLE!

  8. Julie, JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    So gorgeous!! Our two travel in a specially constructed box on legs that raises them up in the back of our Land Rover so they’re level with the window sill, meaning they can look out. We have black privacy glass in the back so no one can see in but they can see out. They both sit with their chins resting on the window sill until they fall asleep! The box is covered with thick pile carpet and they have a doggy bed cushion in there, so it’s comfort all the way.

    When we rescued Cassie we were told she was a very bad car traveller, apparently she drooled constantly and was very unhappy. So on the way home with her I sat on the back seat and put my arm around her – she drooled for about 10 minutes and has never drooled in the car since. Whilst she doesn’t volunteer to get into the car, once she’s in she’s fine and sleeps all the way. So it’s obviously down to how safe and secure they feel in the car. We know her last family had small children so if she was just put in the back of the car and the children pulled her around and never left her alone, that’s probably why she didn’t like it. She’s been all over the country with us on holidays and trips – guess her last family would be amazed!

  9. Celeste said

    My Lucy Beagle (15 years old) does that. I think it is so cute ! It really does look like she wants to drive…likely to the pet store for treats!

  10. Carol, Eddy's mom said

    I’m not proud to admit, that when I’m driving through our neighborhood, Eddy sits next to me (between me and my door). With one paw on the controls he has the windows going up and down. He often hits the lock so no one can put their window back up! Control and chaos, Eddy style. Love the pics of
    Clayton and Spenser

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      How funny – I would love to see him putting the windows up and down!

      The pix of Clayton and Spenser are darling. The winning caption was VERY good and fit the pic of Spenser perfectly!

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