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Daisy Mae & (?), and Nana

Posted by laurie on January 20, 2014


Sarah writes:

Here’s a pic of our rescue beagle named Nana. This picture was taken just shortly after we adopted her as a pup. She just loves our daughter and gives kisses to anyone who will let her!


Tammy writes:

[We] had been wanting to add a Beagle to the family for over 15 years, but other dogs crossed our paths and needed us so it had to wait. It will be a year on the 30th of this month that we adopted this beautiful little Beagle girl from an animal shelter in a neighboring parish (county) in South Louisiana. Daisy Mae is a petite girl at only 20 lbs, about 3 years old, and is a brown tri-color. I say that she has full size Beagle ears and paws on her petite body. She was found as a stray and was probably a hunting dog that was left behind in nearby woods. She had a list of health issues going on, including an injured leg, and was in heat, but she recovered and is now spayed. She was heartworm positive and we opted to treat with preventative and Doxycycline, and her status will be rechecked in a few weeks. A Beagle our daughter rescued from the roadside in 2012 was treated this way and cured and we’re praying for the same good news. She has come to love being a pet and living in the house. She’s usually the first one waiting to go back inside after their outside time. I adore her…just don’t tell the rest of the pack!

Last week there was a small female Beagle in our Parish animal control shelter, and we adopted her partly to get her out of the freezing cold conditions. We also adopted her because we thought she’d be a good playmate for our Daisy, because she is too rough for the rest of our pack. They are still getting to know each other and when I get a good picture of her I will send it to you. Our “Variety Pack” now has 6 dogs! No, we are not hoarders…just crazy! LOL!

13 Responses to “Daisy Mae & (?), and Nana”

  1. harperlea said

    Nana is darling… Who can resist a sweet beagle pup???

    And you can see the contentment in Miss Daisy Mae’s eyes! Such a pretty girl! And congrats on your new beagle!

    Tammy: we have 4 dogs, 1 cat and a horse… We aren’t hoarders either… Just soft hearted 🙂
    When I’m old I’ll be “the crazy dog lady” 😉

  2. Joan said

    What lovely babies. We are a two cat two beagle family. If I had more room we would have more.

  3. Sue - Barney, Jodi, and Huggy's Mom said

    What a sweet pic your girl and Nana. Love that name for a pup.

    hank you ALL so much for rescuing your Beagles.

    Hoarder….nah 🙂 We have three and I would have more. my husband says he’s “the population control officer in our home.” We are both softies, he complains a lot but it’s just talk. Lol

    • harperlea said

      My husband likes to think he’s the “population control officer”… except he is the one that decided we needed to adopt another dog that would be “his”…
      That’s how we ended up rescuing Wookey Girl… another German Shepard… even though JD Lab is “his” and we wouldn’t have rescued Bartles, except Rick decided Bartles would be “his”…(I was a little concerned about his “attitude” at our first meeting… though he’s a complete love hog and I wouldn’t give him up for anything now!) and now Rick decided he wanted a German Shepard to call “his”… funny though, dogs have their own way of figuring out who their “primary” human is… Shotzy Girl is “all mine”… but I think Wookey Girl has decided on “me” too…
      That’s not to say that all four dogs love both of us… they do. But dogs, I think, will figure out who they are more “compatible” with (for lack of a better word), just like people.
      So between the two of us, we’re probably fated to rescue more when/if we can 🙂
      Can you tell we’re complete marshmellows??????

  4. Kaye - Bode's mum said

    Nana is adorable and her name is as well!

    I would put money on Daisy Mae having some Basset in her – i love those ears!

  5. Rebecca Campbell said

    I love the look of delight on the little girls face. There is nothing like an affectionate Beagle pup to cause such a reaction 🙂 Daisy Mae looks like a sweetheart. Thank you to all the rescuers out there!

  6. Gretchen Kasch said

    We’ve got 2 beagles, Frazzel and Cocoa (15 and 6 years), an outdoor only cat, a Russian tortoise, a box turtle, 2 fish tanks, and a bearded dragon. Not hoarder we just love animals.
    Cute photos.

  7. Tammy, Mom to a Variety Pack said

    Thank you everyone for the compliments for our Daisy Mae! I forgot to mention that we found her because Hokie’s Hounds Beagle Rescue posted her on their Facebook looking for someone to foster her so they could pull her. We had recently had to let, Lillie, our 14 ½ yr. old Weimaraner go and had not planned to add another dog so soon, but when my daughter sent me the post, I just knew we had to adopt her. I believe I received a sign from our Lillie when I arrived there that it was okay, even if it sounds crazy. She could not be more perfect if we had ordered her (if that were possible) and she often reminds me of Lillie. She is a wonderful little girl, who has learned quickly from the pack how to live it up as a pet. She plays fetch indoors but outdoors it’s usually about the nose! She loves her toys, especially the duck in the picture. I have bought backups to have for when they wear out and it seems we may need many because the new girl “Ellie Mae” is tearing toys apart. Ellie is keeping me on my toes. The vet thinks Ellie is about 1 ½ and she is very curious with everything in the house. Daisy would run around the yard sometimes like she was being chased. Seems Ellie loves to run like this, too. We are having near daily Beagle Nasdog racing events! It looks as dangerous as NASCAR…they are not slowing down for the turns and have rolled into things a few times! Our Granddog Beagle also does this! Do most Beagles like to run like this?

    Must be something about husbands thinking they are the “population control officer”, mines is the same! Some of the pack were not supposed to stay, but he is just as bad as me. They were all rescued except our Lillie Girl. Our oldest now is a medium sized mixed, sort of looks like a small German Shepard that is about 15 years old. Our 2 daughters and I went to get a snowball and came back with a 4-5 month old puppy that had been hanging out there for over a week near the busy highway…our first rescue. They each have 5 dogs at present, so we have 10 Granddogs! 1 of those is a foster Beagle, and all were rescued except 1. The foster Beagle is with the same daughter that has the Beagle that was rescued from the roadside. Several of those are foster failures! We also have 2 cats, one is 17 ½ and the other is a feral cat, that I can pet at night when it’s feeding time.

    I’ve been reading The Daily Digital for several years but this is my first comment! I love the Kramer family and enjoy hearing about everyone’s pets and seeing them! I have laughed with you and cried with you!

    Thanks again, sorry this got so long.

  8. Carolyn Campbell, Reno, Nevada said

    Don’t feel like you are a hoarder, we have four beagles kids in our family, and they are a bundle of joy!

  9. Sarah said

    We have 2 cats along with Nana and are about to foster (and probably become a “failed foster”) to another sweet 3-4 year old beagle named Sweet Pea. If I had a bigger house I’d have more!

  10. Susan in DE said

    Gorgeous dogs, great stories!

  11. SO cute!!! And SIX of em! Wow! My county only allows three dogs max. Have one now, may adopt another come Spring.

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