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Posted by laurie on February 18, 2014


Proof that spring exists. Because it’s snowing…again.

24 Responses to “Q.E.D.”

  1. Great Picture ! Do you know when it was taken ? Love the phone. I would say that the picture was taken about 10 years ago ? Spenser looks very handsome.

  2. harperlea said

    Snowing again?…. Or still?
    Everyone back east stay safe and warm!

  3. Cody and Henry's Aunt said

    Sorry for sending the storm we had yesterday your way today. Great pic.

  4. Marci said

    Love the pic. Wish some of that weather would find us out west here. We’re dry as a bone.

  5. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Look at that song of spring! Bare feet, shorts, large lap beagle – everything you need for warm weather.

  6. Kate (Gandolf's mom) said

    I dunno Laurie, I think you’re fibbing. It’s snowing here again too. 🙂 SO looking forward to Spring. Supposedly, it’s only a month away…

  7. Susan in DE said

    Great photo!! Yeah, working from home again today, and Lady just stole my lunch! I was just sitting down to a tuna sandwich with chips, and Lady was nearby giving me the sad, starving beagle look. Josie had been sleeping downstairs, and decided to come up. She’s been pretty wobbly in her hind end recently, so I heard her make the big leaping start, then heard the front feet clawing, and heard her slide back down (it was only a few steps, all carpeted). But of course, I had to jump up to go help to make sure she was okay and didn’t try again. I didn’t push my chair in, and by the time I got back from carrying Josie upstairs, the sandwich was gone. One slice of tomato, a few bits of tuna salad, and several chips were sprayed around the plate on the table, and Lady was licking her chops.

    Now my husband is putting his lunch together (he works from home all the time), and Lady is in the kitchen with him, saying, “Please, sir, may I have some more?”

  8. Jackson Pack - Tuscola Texas said

    I have a beagle funny I just had to share. Maggie came in the dog door the night before last with a bag of treats in her mouth. At first Roy thought she had stolen them from the cabinet and was heading outside to snack away. Not so! She was bringing them in after she had stolen them, buried them in one of the flower pots on the back patio still zip locked, and headed straight for Roy to open the bag and give her one! Since Otis died and she became an only child, we are seeing all sorts of just how sneaky she really is!

  9. Karen S. said

    I remember this picture! It was a caption competition post. The winning caption (not mine!) was something about fielding a call from 1-800-LAPDOGS. LOL!

  10. Sue - Barney, Jodi & Huggy's Mom said

    We had an unsettling experience last night. Someone rang our door bell around 8:30. Jodi flipped out. We did not answer the door but Charlie peeked to see who it was. It was a stranger and we just let the dogs bark. Jodi laid on the chair where she could see the front door and did NOT take her eyes off of it until they left. We saw him in our front yard about 20 mins later.
    Who knew she was a watch dog. No wonder we love her so much……

    • harperlea said

      Wow! That’s kind of scary, but great that you do have a great watch dog!
      When our doorbell goes off, it’s usually only JD Lab & Bartles the Basset that bark ferociously… the two shepards less so, except for the pizza delivery… somehow they know. 🙂 And weird, since they aren’t food-driven.

  11. Ah, the phone. My husband had the original “Brick” cellular (as they were called then) phone. I don’t know what happened to it. I wish I still had it. I could put it next to my red wall phone with a real dial that my friend gave me right before she tore down her fixer upper.

    My brother tore the guts out so it would be lightweight to mail to me. Otherwise it probably would work, except I don’t have a land line! :0

  12. Susan in DE said

    Found the link for the original posting of this photo … May 11, 2001! (And that’s probably a cordless landline phone, not a giant cell phone!). Several of the captions are very good!

    • No The Brick was much larger. I found out they still sell them on ebay.

      Susan, how do you find those “vintage” DD pages?????

      • I even think that if my husband’s Toyota Tacoma had run over the Brick instead of my iphone 5 it would still work.

        True story, I keep the pulverized iphone 5 next to my desk to remind me to Never put my phone on my lap while driving.

      • harperlea said

        I just got the iphone 5s on Saturday. Well, my darling husband got it for me for Valentine’s day. I have had the iphone 4 since it came out (3 years) and wasn’t ready to get the upgrade yet (it still worked! although the last 7 months or so, a black shadow showed up in my pictures… either from extreme heat (left in car) or put next to something magnetic)… I hadn’t “quite” decided to get the new phone yet… And today, it quit letting me call or receive calls… we took it in tonight.. bad sim card. UG I hate the fact that it took us 2 hours on Saturday for all the shopping… and another 1 hour today to get the sim card replaced (all of 10 minutes really… waiting in line was what took so long)… I’m dead tired already from my work day… arggg.
        However, the new phone is pretty cool. I don’t upgrade everytime there’s something new & improved out… and I typically have a phone way past the upgrade…
        Coolest thing ever though? With the upgrade, we got a new tablet (no idea what brand, retails for about $200 I think) for the sales tax. $24 and change and a new tablet… That was a cool windfall.
        Sorry for the babble… was waiting to dump the back up back to the new sim card/phone… Night everyone!

      • Just don’t put your iPhone on your lap while you or your husband is driving and Junp out while one of you is backing out of the driveway. Ugh

  13. Linda UK said

    More snow? 😦 Apparently, according to the meteorologists, our rain/floods is because of all the cold/snow in the States!!! Can’t wait till we can sit outside like this though 🙂
    Loving the above stories of the naughty beags, & the brave ones too.

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