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Of personal space

Posted by laurie on February 25, 2014


It’s really a toss-up between Scooter and Sherman when it comes to personal space, or the lack thereof.

7 Responses to “Of personal space”

  1. This is exactly the same thing that Holly does to Kevin – when it is about dinner time. I believe that she thinks that if she give him enought lov’n he will give her the thing she loves most in the world- food !

  2. Beaglemom to Ben & Tito said

    LOL! What a great picture. Tito has no sense of personal space either. He just loves to be up in your business.

  3. Susan in DE said

    Too funny!! Scooter was a very special character, that’s for sure! None of ours are like that, they’re all respectful about your space unless you have food.

  4. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Ha! Okay, so it’s not just me who wears a black white and tan sleep hat. Senor Gomez (AKA Mr. Pillows) loves pillows, to the point where he sometimes “shares” my pillow. Unfortunately he’s not always as courteous as The Patooter, and positions himself such that my first sight upon waking is beagle wedding tackle. That puts a very special spin to the rest of the day 🙂

  5. Karen S. said

    Hello Scooter! Greet Rowdy for me, please.

  6. harperlea said

    Bartles the Basset loves to crawl up on me in the morning… I can barely shift his sloth like form 🙂
    On the other hand, the new Wookey pup loves to get “all up in my business” when I come home from work, when I get up in the morning and just generally when she wants attention… And when I say up in my business, I mean that she’s particularly forceful with her nose pokes in my behind…. I haven’t figured out how to break her of it yet….and it’s making me crazy!!!!

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