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Posted by laurie on February 27, 2014


Clayton didn’t just walk, he trundled. And when he ran his long ears nearly lifted him off the ground.

20 Responses to “Trundling”

  1. harperlea said

    Awwwww Sweet Clayton!
    What an adorabeagle!!!
    Great pic.

    Bartles trundles too… And “running” is just a faster trundle with the flappy ears 😉

  2. Marci said

    What a great picture of a beautiful beagle.

  3. Kaye - Bode's mum said

    I love this picture!

  4. Lynne said

    Look at Clayton the sweetie!!! So cute!!!!!

  5. JC said

    What a great picture! The fall colors are so pretty – and of course Clayton is so cute.

  6. Dave D. said

    What a handsome, handsome boy he was!

  7. babba88 said

    He was a handsome beagle.

    I forget how Clayton got the notch in his ear. One of our beagles had a modified ear after she got too close to another beagles’ food.

  8. Julie, JB & Cassie's Mum in the UK said

    The “I’m on a mission” look on his face is fabulous! JB gets that look when he stalks birds and squirrels in the garden. He never catches anything of course but we think he was a panther in a former life. When he stalks he barely moves or breathes but moves incredibly slowly into a good position, then takes off like a rocket when the time’s right! Cassie doesn’t do stalking, she just runs around squeaking and barking with excitement.

    • Susan in DE said

      Josie has the Clayton body style, and is also usually a trundler. Recently, when I’ve been able to take her on a once a month visit to a 9 acre secured farm where she can go off-leash, she bounces around with joy. She always bounced like Pepe Le Pew, rather than doing any running, but now it’s even more comical at this farm, because occasionally she throws in a bucking bronco spin. I have to try to get it on video, it’s just too funny (especially with the flapping ears). She also gets the same “I’m on a mission” expression, which usually means it’s time for a patrol of the perimeter, rather than a hunting/stalking exercise.

  9. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Haha! My Lily trundles too. What a sweet, sweet dog Clayton was.

  10. Kate (Gandolf's mom) said

    OMGoodness what a sweet, sweet picture! Clayton. What a gentle soul.

  11. Gypsy & Trents dad said

    what a FACE!

  12. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Fabulous picture!

  13. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Henry “trundles” too, when he’s outside. So cute! I love this pic of precious Clayton and his ears!

  14. Barb Shaw said

    That’s definitely a calendar pic!

  15. Karen S. said

    He looked so much like my Rowdy

  16. Mary A Chorney said

    We adopted a “short-leg” Beagle from a rescue on Mar 1. So glad to see other Beagles with short legs on this site! People ask us if she’s a mix but I think she’s full Beagle…7 years old and an absolutely wonderful dog. I’ll have to post a photo someday of our Molinka.

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