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Whoa, Nelly!

Posted by laurie on March 31, 2014


This was one of my impulse purchases from browsing around on Amazon. They’re supposed to slow down the fast eater, of which I have two.


When I put kibble in them, the boys didn’t know what to do. I had to move it back into their regular bowls. I’ll try again. though.


They did fine with the canned food and it did slow them down. If you’re interested, here they are.

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Poor Sherm

Posted by laurie on March 28, 2014


Bringing new meaning to the term “long-suffering”.

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Many many many bricks

Posted by laurie on March 27, 2014


Those bricks are part of the “Great Wall of Spenser” that Jean mentioned on Tuesday. Neither Clayton nor Scooter tried to escape from the yard. Clayton occasionally escaped from the back woods (invisible fence) but Scooter would come to a screeching halt right before the flags.

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You’ve all seen this before

Posted by laurie on March 26, 2014




…and roll!

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The great escape(s)

Posted by laurie on March 25, 2014


I spent an entire weekend wrapping chicken wire along the bottom of the fence to prevent Spenser from digging under. He got out the next day. We followed up with bricks around the entire base. That didn’t work either and Phillip had to put down some concrete near one of the gates, which didn’t stop Spenser. Finally we installed an invisible fence around the outer perimeter and this was 100% effective in keeping Mr. Man in the yard. He was one clever and determined beagle.

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Handsome boy

Posted by laurie on March 24, 2014


As predicted, the gas leak didn’t affect the vet hospital but the boys came home anyway after their bloodwork. Unfortunately Stanley is going to lose a tooth, possible two. We reschedueld him for April 11 and Sherman will have to wait which is okay because his teeth are in pretty good shape. We have to start brushing their teeth. Does anyone have any pointers?

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Posted by laurie on March 21, 2014


Today is teeth cleaning day for both of the boys. If we get out of there for less than $1,000 I will be surprised. By going together I won’t have to worry about feeding just one of them breakfast. Now both of them can stare at me for two hours. I also hope that they can share a crate at the vet so it won’t be as scary.

Update: there is a gas leak near the hospital and they might have to evacuate, so the boys are going home with Phillip and we have to reschedule…

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Scooter and Matisse

Posted by laurie on March 20, 2014



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Hold that pose

Posted by laurie on March 19, 2014


Look, Internet!


No snow!

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How do you say that?

Posted by laurie on March 18, 2014


This is Rick Glass, the neurologist/neurosurgeon who treated Clayton and has since become a friend of Phillip. If you don’t remember the story, here’s what happened. All of a sudden one morning while he was eating breakfast, Clayton began to scream in pain. We rushed him to the vet who suspected a disk problem and they sent us to see Rick. He had an MRI and everything looked okay, so they put him on prednisone and seven weeks of crate rest. The crate rest was very stressful for everyone but fortunately I was home during the day because I’d (unfortunately) been laid off from my job. So I was able to take him outside every few hours and carry him up and down the stairs (he had three crates in different rooms). He completely recovered until the next year when the symptoms recurred. Another MRI was negative but bloodwork showed that Clayton had eosinophilic meningoencephalomyelitis, an auto-immune disorder (and tongue twister!) affecting the central nervous system. The treatment, as it turned out, was Prednisone, which is why he got better the first time. The crate rest was not necessary. He had a few more episodes which we learned to catch early on because he would start to arch his back. The frequent prednisone had side effects, but he still made it to sixteen. Clayton was my first dog and taught me everything I needed to know.

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