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Posted by laurie on March 7, 2014


Check out the ears!


Yes, that’s a 24 pack of Diet Mt. Dew over there in Phillip’s outdoor refrigerator.

10 Responses to “Aerodynamics”

  1. harperlea said

    After getting hopped up on Diet Mt Dew, the boys ears are on a full tilt boogie!
    Great action shots!

  2. Karen S. said

    Makes me wonder just what’s in that Mountain Dew!

  3. Susan in DE said

    Silly beagles! And that Diet Mountain Dew sure is addictive. I actually have a Diet Lime Coke habit myself (Coca-Cola, that is!).

  4. Sue - Barney, Jodi & Huggy's Mom said

    Love the action pics. It’s hard to tell where one Beagle ends and the other one begins in the second pic.

    I am a slave to Diet Coke and Diet Mountain Dew. Stopped all diet cokes, etc. for over 8 months, didn’t see a difference in my weight or health, so I’m back on them in full swing.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!

  5. Kate (Gandolf's mom) said

    They’re feeling spring fever too. After being cooped up all winter, the sun is shining and they’re talking mid 40s today! Heat Wave! Have a great weekend

  6. JC said

    Do you guys still have snow?!? I hope not – should be 60 degrees here in DC this weekend!

    • Susan in DE said

      In Delaware, there’s still a decent amount of snow in our backyard … north side of a slight hill, with a lot of big trees around. It might be gone by mid-April … (front lawn looks great!)

  7. Linda UK said

    I just love beagle ears! I think I must have been one in a past life 😉

  8. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    We’re finally getting a spring-like feel to the air here in Wisconsin. Snow is melting and sometimes I actually hear birds singing! I’m hoping to get Cody and Henry to the doggie park tomorrow. They’ve missed it so much during this long, dreary winter.

    Love the action shots of Shermie and Stan in the snow and sunshine!

  9. Julie, JB and Cassie's Mum in the UK said

    Today (Sunday) it’s brilliant sunshine and about 14 degrees – something we’ve been waiting for since about last November! After all the rain and gales it’s so welcome and everywhere is at last starting to dry out a little! Roll on Spring!!!

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