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Four servings daily

Posted by laurie on March 13, 2014


This was a caption contest photo. Susan in DE, do you remember what the winner was?


The bounty of Phillip’s garden. Unfortunately I do not like either tomatoes or yellow squash.

12 Responses to “Four servings daily”

  1. harperlea said

    Love the pics of Clayton and the “Original Three”.
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Kate (Gandolf's mom, w/ memories of Kramer) said

    We’re digging out of around 16 inches of snow here in Rochester, NY and these pictures should warmed my heart. Summer Harvest! Will it ever come? Have a great day, all.

  3. Susan Hann said

    I don’t like tomatoes or squash either. There’s not too many people who don’t like tomatoes and when you say that, you’re looked at kind of strange. My uncle wanted to give me some tomatoes from his garden once and when I told him I hate tomatoes, he said I was “unamerican”. I thought that was funny.

  4. Love seeing the original 3! I wonder what goodies they have partaken in at the bridge?!

    On a side note, Laurie, I think Sherman and Stanley should be the mascots for the Special Olympics that will be at Princeton this June! They would get my vote that’s for sure! 🙂

  5. Susan in DE said

    I love a challenge, Laurie! I started following the DD in early 2004, so since I didn’t immediately recognize it, I had to do archive research. I also figured it was early, since Clayton doesn’t really have any grey on him. Here it is!

    I have to say, my favorite submission, even though it wasn’t the winner, was, “What I said was, ‘I want a new BANDANA!'”. :->

  6. Karen S. said

    My Timmy LOVES bananas. It must be an aphrodisiac for dogs.

  7. Rebecca Campbell said

    I would kill for a garden fresh tomato right now 🙂 Northern Indiana is digging out from yet another snowstorm. Everytime I see a Clayton flashback, I think about our Andy who was a Beagle/Bassett and could have been Clayton’s brother. Andy crossed the Rainbow Bridge several years ago and I still think of him fondly.

  8. Sue - Barney, Jodi & Huggy's Mom said

    We never forget our babies, no matter how long they are gone.

    Love the caption contest winner.

    I only like fresh home grown tomatoes, my Dad had a garden and I am spoiled …. still.

  9. Julie, JB and Cassie's Mum in the UK said

    Cassie’s favourite is carrot, whilst JB isn’t keen on any fruit or veg – he’s strictly a meat, cheese, cake and ice cream sort of a boy (Cassie loves all of those too of course!)

  10. Tammy, Mom to a Variety Pack said

    Those are the cutest pics! The second one made me laugh, because there wouldn’t be many veggies left if I did that! Our Weimaraner, Lillie, use to love tomatoes, cucumbers, figs, satsumas, etc. She would pic them herself every time she got the chance, and would come running when she smelled you preparing them. With her size she also stole them off the counter top. Good memories…makes me think about her often. Daisy Mae has a lot of her traits, and liking tomatoes and cucumbers is one of them. Learned that when she stole them out of the bowl when I was picking them last year. They all love their daily baby carrot treat.

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