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Posted by laurie on March 21, 2014


Today is teeth cleaning day for both of the boys. If we get out of there for less than $1,000 I will be surprised. By going together I won’t have to worry about feeding just one of them breakfast. Now both of them can stare at me for two hours. I also hope that they can share a crate at the vet so it won’t be as scary.

Update: there is a gas leak near the hospital and they might have to evacuate, so the boys are going home with Phillip and we have to reschedule…

14 Responses to “T-day”

  1. Karen S. said

    No breakfast! For beagles, that’s the end of the world.

  2. Susan Hann said

    They look like they know something is up!

  3. Sue - Barney, Jodi & Huggy's Mom said

    They are not happy Momma! Poor guys, yep they know.

  4. Gypsy & Trents dad said

    They always know!

  5. Susan in DE said

    I think Stan and Sherm arranged for that gas leak. What a great escape, boys!

    Oh yes, missing beagle breakfast is awful. I remember there was a time Josie had an 8:30 appointment for fasting bloodwork, and breakfast is normally served at 6am (Neither she nor Jordan got breakfast until she got home). My husband was going to take her in, so when I headed to work at 7:50, I went to look for her to say goodbye. She was curled up in a tight, sad, pathetic ball in her dog bed in our bedroom. I am certain the journal entry she wrote right before I came into the room went something like:

    7:45 am. Death is imminent, I await his icy embrace.

    It sure is hard being a beagle sometimes!

    • harperlea said

      Susan, you always crack me up!
      I agree, I think Sherm & Stan worked a deal with the gas company!


    • Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

      That made me laugh so hard. Especially the timestamp. Approaching two hours overdue for breakfast is some serious stuff.

      • Susan in DE said

        Not only 2 hours overdue, but it doesn’t appear like it’s ever going to happen, either! No activity in the kitchen, people leaving the house … death is certain!

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said


      Cody and Henry get their teeth brushed every other day. (It used to be every day, but the toothpaste is pretty expensive!) Regular brushing keeps them from having expensive dentals in the vet’s office. A vet tech told me this a few years ago, and it really is true.

  6. Sue - Barney, Jodi & Huggy's Mom said

    ut oh Two days without breakfast? You will be punished!!!!!

  7. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    OMG!!! They went without breakie and then the appointment was CANCELLED?!?! A tragedy of epic proportions.

  8. Sarah said

    I found out the last time my beagle had to forgo breakfast, my husband felt so bad he didn’t eat breakfast that morning and just packed something to eat at the office later. He said he just couldn’t eat in front of her! haha And he claims not to be a dog lover… 🙂

  9. I once had a 10:30am appointment for Spencer (with fasting) and I had to leave the house early and take him down to our office while Tim fed Oscar. He didn’t want to get Spencer upset.

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