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You’ve all seen this before

Posted by laurie on March 26, 2014




…and roll!

13 Responses to “You’ve all seen this before”

  1. harperlea said

    Bartles does that every day… Whether for a roll or a sweet plea to scritch his tummy 🙂

  2. Joan said

    Our first rule of the dog park: No rolling! It usually means bath time.

  3. Sam, Sweetums, and Sadie's Mom said

    For our oldes, Sweetums, that is her approach to snow! Literally we could have her lay down and we could pull her with the leash all the way back to the house as long as we were on snow!! Now with our little man, Sam, yes any scent from a stray dog to a squirrel is worth the roll!!

  4. JC said

    I still don’t understand why they always roll ear-first…

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Cody also likes to roll ear first, like Stanley in the first pic. He will do this regardless of the time of year – even in the snow in wintertime!

  5. Susan Hann said

    And then they stand up and shake but there’s still old dead grass stuck to their fur – they look like a door mat!

  6. Kate Hammett said

    It also looks like he’s letting out a bark in the second pix . . . multi-tasking, I guess.

  7. In Brooklyn, we call it ‘stop, drop and roll’ because Penny will do this in the middle of the crosswalk, or on the pavement. Her two favorite spots are by a seafood restaurant and a local bar/restaurant. Her all time worst was finding a pile of horse manure ( from one of the NYPD mounted units)

  8. Spunky's Mom said

    Spunky likes to do this on those drying out worms you see on pavement when the sun comes out after a rain. Not that I remember that kind of weather much – snow on the ground again here this morning. Sigh.

  9. Julie, JB and Cassie's Mum in the UK said

    Oh how familiar that looks!! JB loves to roll on short dry grass, especially on hot days because I think the grass helps to cool him. In the house he rolls when he’s very happy, such as at dinner time, when we’re getting ready to go for a walk and if he senses there’s a trip out in the car coming up!! Cassie on the other hand will sometimes, but not often, roll for pleasure – she is normally rolling in something and usually something really smelly. Her worst to date is a big dead fish at the side of a canal. Not only was it all in her ear, down the side of her cheek and neck but it was ingrained in her collar too and we couldn’t get rid of the smell, so it went in the bin and a new one was purchased! How can such a pretty girl make herself so revolting? Guess it smells like Chanel No 5 to her …… !

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