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Many many many bricks

Posted by laurie on March 27, 2014


Those bricks are part of the “Great Wall of Spenser” that Jean mentioned on Tuesday. Neither Clayton nor Scooter tried to escape from the yard. Clayton occasionally escaped from the back woods (invisible fence) but Scooter would come to a screeching halt right before the flags.

11 Responses to “Many many many bricks”

  1. My fence looks very simular to this. Buddy has been so good all winter, but then again, snow has covered the ground and it has been frozen. I dread that thought that he will start trying to dig his way out again. Right now – I don’t have the $ or the time to install an invisible fence. How long did it take Phillip do put yours in? Can you lease him out to me ? 😉

  2. Susan in DE said

    Aahh, bricks .. .and rocks, and cinderblocks …. As mentioned, we had trouble with the ground hog digging to get IN the yard, with Josie trying to enlarge the holes from the inside. You plug the holes as they come up, and then all of a sudden you realize your back yard just needs an old pickup truck without tires and, “Yep, you’re a redneck!” (Cars on cinder blocks, crater filled yard, and hound dawgs lounging about). Then you get out the railroad ties and build a wall, so at least it all looks consistent. :->

  3. harperlea said

    Have you guys been looking over our fence into our backyard?!
    We used hog wire buried and folded over at our double gate in the front. And instead of a truck up on blocks, we have a circa 1985 RV up on blocks (my husband’s folly….)
    not to mention the holes at the back fence and chew marks from Shotzy trying to get at the stupid visiting dog (mentioned in previous posts); so now there’s a line of hogwire about 3′ off the wood fence to prevent said holes and chew marks…
    (Heavy sigh) I’m already thinking of the work we need to do this spring/summer to get our backyard back in shape….

  4. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    When my sister (who has normal dogs) was putting in the invisible fence, the salesman specifically asked her if she had beagles. Apparently they – among all breeds – are the least amenable to invisible fences.

  5. Regina said

    I am not sure if anyone mentioned this before, or if this is what Harperlea meant, but the easiest and most effective way to reinforce a fence with chicken wire is to lay it FLAT on the ground next to the fence (perpendicular to the standing fence). Or under it on both sides. Pin it down with landscape pins if you need to. A dog (or chicken, as it were) will try to dig vertically down at the fence base and will meet the wire. If he can break through chicken wire, try hardware cloth or regular fencing. Eventually the grass will grow through it and it will be invisible. I have always found that burying wire vertically just gives the dog a head start on soft ground, plus it’s a PITA to bury.
    –Regina “work smarter, not harder” Seaner

    • harperlea said

      That’s sort of what I meant… we did ours burying a vertical section, then folding it over (think L shape) and burying the horizontal also.
      Usually we work smarter not harder (we’re both in construction) but this was us being paranoid about the beagle getting out 🙂

  6. Left over from yesterday.

    Why do beagles roll in cat poop the day after they have a bath?

    • I’ve been sitting at our warehouse for 2.25 hours waiting for a delivery that is from a location 10 minutes away by car. I could have walked over and back 3 times. Unfortunately the items are palletized and are a little heavy to carry.

      It’s like I live within walking distance to Costco but I could never carry the bulk items home.

      Thanks for listening to my boredom. I hate wasting time.

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