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Pool boy

Posted by laurie on May 13, 2014


A fruity rum drink, please?

9 Responses to “Pool boy”

  1. Scooter wanted a Bahama Mama!

    Laurie, do you remember what camera you used for this shot? It’s fantastic.

    • laurie said

      I believe it was my Nikon Coolpix 990, which has a swivel LCD. It allowed me to shoot up, like in this picture. I still use it occasionally.

  2. harperlea said

    Great photo!
    Glad you finally posted Laurie !
    You were past your Sis’ 7:30 deadline and I was getting worried 🙂

    • Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

      Indeed! Us West Coast folks were concerned. I think Scootie would probably like some of those lovely little conch fritters to go with the rum punch.

      I certainly would!

    • Susan in DE said

      East Coast was worried, too … but now all is well with the world again. And I agree, I’d love a rum punch and some conch fritters. Maybe we’ll put those on the menu for the staycation the beagles gave us this year.

  3. Eleanore, Lucky and Heidi said

    I was getting worried too. Cute photo.

  4. Susan in DE said

    Funny story …. When I got home from work yesterday, my husband Rob (who works from home) said, “So, for the weird phone call of the day, we got a call from a Phil Kramer.” And I’m thinking, “Why would Phillip be calling our house? Wow, how would he even have our number? Wouldn’t Laurie just send me an email???” Then Rob says, “He said, “We were going through our archives, and we still have some of your left over wedding photos and all the negatives. I would be willing to give you everything, along with the releasing the copyright, for $250. Would you be interested?”

    Then I remembered that Phil Kramer Photography took our wedding photos for us in 2000, back before I was a DD fan! (Here’s a link … But perhaps Phillip should change the tag line on the truck to, “Light Hauling, Otoneurology and Event Photography”. :->

  5. Melanie said

    I always looove the Scooter stories….what an absolutely GREAT dog, in every way. No exclamation points needed.

  6. Mark & Bobbie said

    What a beauty the Scootie patootie was!
    Great pic!

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