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Posted by laurie on June 13, 2014


Stanley didn’t eat his carrot during my salad prep on Tuesday night. Naturally I assumed the worst. Isn’t it amazing where your mind can take you when your dog turns down a simple vegetable? He was not quite his usual chipper self that night, and yesterday morning he was slow to come down for breakfast. He did eat it, though. So around noon I called Bear and Roscoe’s mom to see if she would go over and tempt Stanley with some food. I assumed she’d offer a treat to everyone but she ended up feeding Stanley half a can of wet food (what he eats for dinner) which he ate with gusto. I fed him his dinner, a little less than half a can, and he ate that too with gusto. Hooray for gusto!

11 Responses to “Gusto”

  1. Linda UK said

    Good old Gusto! Nearly as good as scratch – have you noticed all the marvellous things people make from scratch? Well done Stan 🙂

  2. Kaye - Bode's mum said

    Poor Stanley. Seems like he’s feeling better!

  3. Karen S. said

    Yes, when a beagle refuses food of course we assume he’s near death. Of course, it usually just means he’s been eating garbage. Maybe he tried to eat Mr. squirrel.

  4. Beaglemomx3 said

    I knew my Mable hadn’t been feeling well because she wasn’t eating all of her food. A couple of days ago she got my husband’s attention and pee pee’d blood on the kitchen floor. To the vet we go and she had a bladder infection. We are on Keflex and she is now eating all of her food. All is fine with the Redmond Beagle Clan.

  5. Susan in DE said

    I don’t remember who it was, but I recall a comedian once saying, “There are only two kinds of dogs: Hungry dogs, and dead dogs.” Funny, yes, but when you have one that isn’t eating (especially a beagle), then you do start to worry and it isn’t so funny. Hooray for Gusto!

  6. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Yeah, I get VERY concerned if my dogs aren’t actively pestering me for food. I guess it’s good that beagles have that reliable “I’m sick” indicator, but it’s not overly specific.

    My Lily got her first Trilostane pill this morning for her recently diagnosed Cushings disease, so I’m actually hoping to see a reduction in her ravenous appetite. She’ll still be a beagle though, so I need to be reasonable in my expectations!

  7. Great picture. It looks like he has his head stuck between the bars!! Just like a little kid!!

  8. said

    My 16 year old beagle Frazzel insists on eating ground turkey and cottage cheese. I do toss in a few crunchies at times ,but she loves her turkey. Sometimes she won’t eat all of her food and then I start to worry that this is the beginning of the end but then next meal she gobbles it all up. I guess, at her age I am just happy that she is eating.

  9. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    It worries me if either of the boys doesn’t want to eat what he usually wants to eat. Sometimes Henry refuses his chicken treat or his coconut oil mixed with kibble, but that usually doesn’t last long. I wait awhile and offer it again, and then he takes it. Sometimes, like people, they just aren’t in the mood for a specific food at the moment.

  10. Julie, JB and Cassie's Mum in the UK said

    If our two don’t want to eat, it’s straight to the vets! Cassie’s loves carrot too; I only have to take them out the fridge and she’s by my side, even before I pick the knife up to peel them!

  11. harperlea said

    Hurrah for Gusto!!!!

    Our Bartles Basset was acting off the last few days… Chewing grass, coughing like a 90 year old cigar smoker (but only in bouts) , licking his paws, and licking his lips frequently… Plus he looks “down”… Of course he’s a Basset so he mostly looks depressed :). I have a vet appointment scheduled for Monday if he doesn’t shake it off…

    Happy to hear Mable is better and keeping paws crossed for Lily…

    Glad to hear Trent is doing better also!

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