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Snack time

Posted by laurie on June 18, 2014


Looks gross, doesn’t it?


They’re sweet potato chews. They even keep Stanley busy for a few minutes.

9 Responses to “Snack time”

  1. Joan said

    I make them with my food dehydrator.

  2. harperlea said

    Wonder if our 4 would like them???

    • Susan in DE said

      It’s hard to tell …. I know Josie and Jordan used to like them, but then they got bored with them. Josie probably still wouldn’t want them now, as she’s getting picky in her old age, but Lady would probably suck them down (Can’t imagine she’d turn them down, after eating cherry pits, used foam earplugs, empty soda cans, etc.)

  3. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    I wonder if I could make them in the oven. Mine LOVE chicken and duck jerky but I’m so suspicious of them they’re off the menu for now. I did make a few batches of chicken tasties but I couldn’t get them tough enough. Odd that I have the opposite problem when preparing chicken for humans . . .

  4. Linda UK said

    These look great 🙂 As we’re a mainly Veggie household, I’m always on the lookout for this kind of thing! I haven’t seen them over here in the UK, but I’ll look up Monika’s recipe link. Thanks, Monika!

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