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My new hobby

Posted by laurie on June 30, 2014


Bear and Roscoe spent another weekend with us. Maggie arrives on Wednesday, and Tootsie and Buttercup might return as well. Busy, busy, busy, I was busy this past weekend, too, trying out my new dehydrator. I made sweet potato chewies for the boys which came out quite well, and also dried strawberries, bananas, plantains, apricots, kale and zucchini. Delicious!

For the sweet potato chews, I just cut and placed them into the dehydrator. I had to microwave them first for a couple of minutes so that they would be easier to cut. I made the slices about 1/4 inch thick, maybe more. (I used a mandolin) and cooked at 135 for ~15 hours.

12 Responses to “My new hobby”

  1. suepfox55 said

    What is your recipe for the sweet potato chews?

  2. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Adorable faces! It must be fun for the boys to have all the house guests coming and going – keeps things interesting!

  3. Joan said

    Good for you. I love my dehydrator. Saves so much money too.

  4. Laurie- I am confused- Is your new hobby doggie sitting, or running a summer camp for dogs, or dehydrating fruits and veggies ? LOL The picture title should have said ” My New Hobbies” because it sounds like you have more than one.

  5. Sue - Barney, Jodi & Huggy's Mom said

    Love how you take care of others babies. And that they cuddle together. I’m contemplating getting a dehydrator as well

  6. Susan Hann said

    I see a career change in your future – Doggie Daycare & Treat Shop!

  7. Karen S. said

    Better grab a domain name for your new enterprise!

  8. It takes 15 hours to make something? No wonder I sold mine at a garage sale. I probably looked at whatever I was making every 1/2 hour and finally gave up.

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