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Much mulch

Posted by laurie on June 11, 2012

Laying down mulch in the hot sun is about as appealing as removing wallpaper, something I did once and never again. We got a dump truck load of mulch delivered on Saturday. First we placed newspapers down around the plants and flowers, then added the mulch. What a difference it makes!

Stanley helped out while Sherman remained mostly indoors. Vousie was not to be found. I know it’s shocking but not even Uncle Bob’s magic overcame her fear. She is still somewhat afraid of Phillip, but she’s my little shadow.

Yesterday we laid more mulch down around the weeping cherry tree in the front yard. There’s still plenty of mulch for next weekend. I can hardly wait.

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Paging Carl Linnaeus

Posted by laurie on November 1, 2011

If you followed yesterday’s comments you’ll know that there was a slight difference of opinion regarding the taxonomic classification for the tree that fell down in the snow. I called it a cherry tree while Phillip insists it’s an apple tree. Last night was spent listening to Phillip replace “cherry” for “apple” in phrases like “a cherry a day keeps the doctor away…” I hate to admit he was right, it was my silly mistake. However, there will be no gloating here today, sweet hubby. Just remember who has the camera when you’re in the hot tub.

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Of Lucy, Ethel, trees and bushes

Posted by laurie on October 17, 2011

Our town held a festival on Saturday and in addition to the different vendors and musicians, the local shelter came and with them, Lucy and Ethel. They are puggles – pug and beagle mix, and they were so darn cute and friendly it was all I could do not to take them home. There is someone interested in them, hopefully that will work out.

Sunday was landscaping day. Phillip did all the work, under the watchful eye of the shift supervisor, Stanley.

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Who’s afraid of bubble wrap?

Posted by laurie on October 7, 2011

Phillip and I spent an hour and a half (!) at a local nursery the other night, working with the owner to come up with a collection of bushes and trees to surround the Lido Deck. Among them are two Japanese maples, which are just gorgeous. I don’t remember what else because as I believe I’ve mentioned before, I’m horticulturally challenged. Phillip has built two sets of stairs and is getting ready to put in a wall and window in place of one of the sliding glass doors. Then up goes the siding. Meanwhile, we’re enjoying the hot tub. Stanley likes to investigate when we’re in the tub, or perhaps WHY we’re in the tub. Sherman, not so much!

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Back to normal

Posted by laurie on August 30, 2011

This was at 4PM on Monday, the water was just about gone. We were so lucky. If you Google on “Manville NJ” or “Bound Brook NJ” which are two adjoining towns, you’ll see how terribly they were flooded.

This was Command Central on Sunday. Phillip juggled between cable and satellite, and his mother on one line, the hospital on another (his hospital – he was on call).

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The water recedes

Posted by laurie on August 29, 2011

I took this picture at the height of the flood yesterday, and the next picture this morning.

Now look back up at the first photo and notice that the fence at the bottom of the driveway is completely covered. The water was at least 5′ deep. Our house is a good 20-30′ above so we did fine. While our road is impassable, last night Phillip somehow drove his car through the yard across into our neighbor’s property (with permission) to an unflooded road on the other side. This morning he hiked over to it and drove to work. Princeton University is closed, but I’d stay home even if it wasn’t. Our power came back on last night, and we were only without it for 22 hours, during which time we ran the generator. And our Internet connection returned after the power did. I’m back in business.

The boys were entirely nonplussed by the whole thing but join me in thanking you for all prayers and well wishes!

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Of tornados and hurricanes

Posted by laurie on August 25, 2011

Although Phillip was never a Boy Scout, “Be Prepared” is his motto. Hurricane Irene is possibly headed our way for a Sunday rendezvous, and there’s a tornado watch in the area for this afternoon. Phillip ordered this dumpster yesterday morning and it had arrived when I got home. After dinner we spent about an hour moving this pile into the dumpster. The pile was probably twice as large as what’s visible here. It contained all the detritus of the mother-in-law suite and the sunroom. Tonight we’re going to look for more stuff to throw out before they come for it on tomorrow.

This morning we hauled stuff inside and cleaned up whatever was laying around. Mother Nature is looking pretty serious this week.

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Lido deck update

Posted by laurie on August 23, 2011

Phillip’s been working pretty much non-stop (during his copious spare time) on the deck. He has put up most of the edging, and is now working on steps on the two exposed sides. At first we were going to use pavers but agreed that the decking material would look better and cost a whole lot less. But that’s not all! I wanted to replace both of the sliding glass doors but when he told me they go for at least $1000 a pop, I suggested that we replace the door from his office (on the left in this photo) with a wall and a window. Sometimes I come up with these things and when I see him make a face I realize it’s going to be too much work, and that was the reaction I got at first. Then he started to warm up to the idea and began pricing windows online. So that will be the next project. I bet you didn’t know that they teach Intermediate Building in medical school, huh?

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Ta da!

Posted by laurie on August 15, 2011

So Phillip drives the car into the backyard to drop off some lumber. Next thing you know the boys are in the car, and remained there even after Phillip came inside for dinner! Holding out hope for an evening walk, I guess.

Maia loved the boys. She kept saying, “He’s SO cute! They’re SO cute!” It was almost as cute as the boys!

Boy, did they work hard on this deck. The flooring itself took the least time, it was the framing and supports which took forever. All that remains are the steps into the garage, stone steps on each side and the framing around the perimeter, which will be the same color as the border. And then Captain Siding will return to his circular saw and cover the remaining brown.

I think we’re going to just call it “the deck”. Or maybe the “Phillip and Jerome deck.”

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Posted by laurie on August 12, 2011

Look! Sherman found the Doritos camouflaged by the orange power cord!

Stanley says, “Who’s the scary dude working on the deck?”

Yesterday Phillip and Jerome decided to do a fancy diagonal pattern, so they are busy cutting. But just wait until Monday!

P.S. Yes, Karen, the wood for the framing is treated. The deck material is by Azec.

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