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Lady and Huck

Posted by laurie on June 2, 2014


Hey everyone, it’s Susan from DE! We had an SOS Rescue beaglefest on Saturday and she and Lady made the drive up from Delaware. Lady is a petite sweetheart and here of course she’s doing what she does best.

We had about 60 people and 40+ dogs. Sherman and Stanely are pooped!


And Emily writes: “The next generation arrived — Hucknall. All beagle, part termite, growth properties of wild weeds, and needs a new cardboard box.”

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Look who stopped by

Posted by laurie on April 7, 2014


Tada! It’s the triumphant return of Uncle Bob!


Have I ever mentioned that Uncle Bob is the local Republican party chairman? And Phillip is a Democrat? They agree on just about everything local, and ignore national politics with each other. Although they do give each other grief for watching Fox News/MSNBC, respectively.

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Where’s Maggie?

Posted by laurie on February 3, 2014


Wait a minute, someone is missing.


There she is! She was so excited to see Courtneay, Lance and little brother Emmett (about to turn 1 year old!) that she ran around the house and in and out of the doggy door.

We’re having yet more snow today and I don’t have to go to work. Beagle snuggle time!

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Let the dieting begin

Posted by laurie on January 2, 2014


As always, we spend Christmas with Cathy and Judy and their friend Celia. That’s five people and there were six dogs. Keesha and Tallie are the two Keeshonds, Mojo is the Schipperke and Frisky (not pictured) is the small furry white dog. Tallie and Stanley had a great deal to discuss and sometimes it was difficult for the humans to hear each other above their voices.


Please meet Harper’s new German shepherd, Wookey Girl Lash!

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Posted by laurie on December 6, 2013


Little Chasen was afraid of dogs until he met Sherman. Then all he wanted to do was walk Sherman on leash around the house. Sherman was a good sport.


Big brother Coleman got into the action, swapping Stanley for Sherman.


After several laps around the house, Sherman decided he’d had enough and plopped himself down on this ottoman. That’s Jerome (Phillip’s nephew) on the couch and his dog Elizabeth with the frisbee.

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Little girls love the Sherm

Posted by laurie on December 4, 2013


Sherman is so good with little kids. This is Chayla, one of the 1-1/2 year old twins. She has a piece of venison jerky in her hand, and look how politely he’s sitting there.


Here she is again with her brother, Chasen, showing Sherm the orange scarf. He spent a lot of time on this kitchen rug and we eventually figured out why – there’s a hot air vent just underneath the cabinet.

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Still life with Moses

Posted by laurie on December 2, 2013


Thanksgiving was in Connecticut this year at Phillip’s niece Gabrielle’s house. She and her husband Chad have a 3-year old and 1-1/2 year old twins. They had just come back from Florida and were determined not to travel again, so became the hosts instead. There were 14 adults, 5 children and 6 dogs, including Moses, who is getting old and prefers to lay on a couch all day. He is stuck like glue to Phillip’s brother Wayne and they spent most their time in the back room.

We stayed overnight at Phillip’s mother’s house. Friday was poop day. Stanley had too much to eat on Thanksgiving and he left a big poop next to the kitchen door. He also had diarrhea on the dining room carpet. Brave Phillip cleaned it up with help from his sister until she was so grossed out that had to go into the bathroom and gag. I heartily recommend Resolve spray carpet cleaner.

But wait, there’s more. Back at Gabrielle’s house we tried to take the boys outside frequently but it wasn’t frequently enough because Sherman pooped on the living room carpet. Brave Phillip cleaned that one up as well.

And finally, Stanley had more diarrhea on the living room carpet about 10 feet away from Sherman’s location. I heartily recommend OxyClean as well. Once again, Phillip did most of the cleaning, although I did help.


There are always a few people on the floor after Thanksgiving dinner. You know who you are.

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Posted by laurie on November 25, 2013


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I spent part of the day at the funeral of Aunt Nancy’s father. Never did get the massage but had a nice dinner out followed by some decadent Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. On both Friday and Saturday we hung pictures on the wall. That set of three are my photos. That guy’s my husband.


I’m going to take a DD vacation this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I have to make four pies and pumpkin bread.


We’re having Thanksgiving at our niece’s house in Connecticut. Nineteen adults, 5 kids under 2-years old plus a whole bunch of dogs. I’d better remember to take my camera.

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And jubilation swept through the house

Posted by laurie on October 1, 2013


“Buddy,” I said. “Go outside and wait for your parents, they’re on their way!”


Mama’s boy and Daddy’s girl. Holly was so excited when they arrived that she kept running back and forth, back and forth.

We miss them already!

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How do you spell clutter?

Posted by laurie on September 25, 2013


Poor Uncle Bob! Not one beagle in his arms. So sad. He came over the other day to visit with Buddy and Holly. On the left is my wonderful housecleaner, Janice. She’s been coming here for fifteen years (now you know why the floors look clean!) and adores the boys. Her daughter Sarah recently joined the Army with the intent to be a bomb defuser (à la “The Hurt Locker”). We just learned that she changed her mind on that, thank goodness, and will work in communications instead.

Buddy and Holly are doing great, and I got an email from Audrey yesterday that she and Kevin were having a wonderful time and were headed for Greece.

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