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Hold on!

Posted by laurie on September 4, 2013


It seems inevitable that one of the boys weasels his way onto a lap during a dinner party. This time it was Judy’s lap. She is holding onto Stanley quite tightly because of that (delicious!) Zucchini Chocolate Orange Cake on the table.

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His triumphant return

Posted by laurie on August 9, 2013


With a new window and sliding glass door installed, Captain Siding returned for an encore. This part of the house wasn’t sided because it was inside the former sunroom.


Just like Clayton (again!), Boo does a dynamite frog-dog.


Boo loves his mama and they all went home yesterday. Boo hoo!

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The Boo

Posted by laurie on August 5, 2013


The cool-a-roo is very popular with the campers this summer.


Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy came over to visit the Boo. He was a little nervous and ran up the stairs.


But before you knew it, Aunt Nancy had found Boo’s sweet spot and was scritch-scratching away.

Yesterday we took all three for a walk on the canal. They were exceptionally well-behaved and received many compliments. “Are they related?” They always ask that!

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Aunt Rita

Posted by laurie on July 5, 2013


This is, of course, Aunt Rita with two of her very favorite nephews (and her pink iPad). Does everyone have an iPad except me? Phillip has two iPads! One belongs to the Township and the other to him. I used the latter occasionally while I was couch-bound in February, mainly to reserve movies that I never watched. Rita watches whole movies on her iPad! But I do have an iPhone and an iPod and a Power Mac, so I’m not a complete Apple Luddite.

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Next time, eyes closed

Posted by laurie on July 1, 2013


We had a lovely weekend with Uncle Bob and Aunt Rita. Bob and Phillip installed a wall and a window (photos to follow when it’s all done) and Rita and I hung out in the living room most of the time. Did I forget to mention that they are beagle people as well? Right now they are the happy and diligent owners of B. Barney Boo, known in his family as “the Boo”.


Stanley got a little bit carried away with the kissing thing. Bob didn’t realize the fervor with which Stanley kisses and he found his eyeballs getting licked. I swear!

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The original

Posted by laurie on June 28, 2013


We are very happy to have our friends Bob and Rita here for a long weekend. It’s been too long! You may remember Bob because he is the “original” Uncle Bob. Not to detract from the other Uncle Bob because you can have more than one Uncle Bob. He and Phillip are going to replace the ugly sliding glass door in Phillip’s office with a wall with a window in it. Rita and I are going to just hang out, maybe do some shopping. Phillip got home late last night and woke me to say that he couldn’t find Sherman anywhere. I got up and saw the guest room door open and there, of course, was Sherman snuggling up to Rita.

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Beaglefest part 2

Posted by laurie on May 8, 2013


That’s Harry in the middle. He’s 16 months old and I think the best way to describe him is EXHUBERANT, bolded, italicized and all in caps. Lots of energy and still a bit lacking in social skills. Cute as all heck, though.


This is Audrey with her buddy Buddy. Phillip calls him “Buddy bud bud bud bud”. He’s a beagle/basset, which is what you’d get if my sister and I adopted a dog together (joke).


Here’s Karen S. with (left to right) Daisy Mae, Blue and that New Jersey sex offender you’ve heard about, Timmy.

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A good time was had by all

Posted by laurie on May 6, 2013


We’ve been hosting beaglefests for more than ten years and this was the largest. About 60 people and 40 dogs. The weather was nothing short of stunning. Sunny and about 70 degrees.


Phillip ordered three 6-foot subs. Two and a half were eaten.


As always, the beagles gathered at the door. It’s not easy to open a sliding glass door without a few beagles running in. And even harder to corral them and push them back out. By the way, that’s Audrey’s Holly on the left.


All the dogs had fun. Some more than others.


One of these cuties is Sherman and one is April. Can you tell who is who?


Beaglefests tire out everyone, humans and dogs.

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No problem!

Posted by laurie on April 22, 2013


Oh oh oh, we had such a wonderful time.  Judy and Cathy are flanking the other side of Hooper, one of the dive guys.  I didn’t bring my underwater camera because, frankly, the diving is nothing greater than mediocre.  But we had fun anyway.


The mornings and early afternoons were beautiful. (This, by the way, is my favorite shot from the whole trip.)


Some afternoons it rained so we sat out on the porch. Judy introduced me to this logic game called Kakuro (sort of like Sudoku) and I quickly became obsessed. (Second favorite.)


The west coast sunsets were nothing like the ones in New Jersey. (Third favorite.)


We celebrated our 22nd anniversary while we were there. See what I’ve had to live with for the past 22 years?

The boys had an equally wonderful time at Camp LaBolle. Audrey sent us emails and photos every day and I have to say that, while we missed them, we did not worry about them for ONE second. Audrey and Kevin plus Buddy and Holly took such great care of them. We’re looking forward to reciprocating next September unless of course we can get them sooner!

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You said there’d be matzoh

Posted by laurie on April 3, 2013


Gitty is a dog lover and most definitely a beagle lover. Philip grew up with beagles. I went out with two guys whose families had beagles. On our second date I informed Phillip that I wanted a beagle someday. He immediately proposed. I played it coy. I was not ready to say yes, I wanted to wait awhile. Like two months.


I did not get photos of Sara’s Vous, or Gabrielle and Chad’s three kids. Whenever the dogs were near the kids I was too busy pulling them away.


This is Jacob, Phillip’s nephew and Gabrielle’s younger brother. And of course you know Sherman, working his magic.

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