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Rick and Rachel

Posted by laurie on March 4, 2013


I remember my sister’s first date with Rick. He rang the doorbell and she opened the door and immediately asked if he had had chicken pox. Yes, in fact he had and so he was allowed to come in. They went out on their first date and got married the following August.


Rachel was born five years later, two years after her brother Seth. She lives in Seattle with her hubby Bryan and their little ones Mia and Ari.

Tomorrow I go back to work!

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Rules of the couch

Posted by laurie on March 1, 2013


Nancy was not pleased with yesterday’s photo so I chose this one for today despite the fact that I had several shots which included Stanley on the couch licking her face.

Next week I’ll return to a M-W-F schedule with open discussion on T-Th. Why? Because I’m going back to work on Tuesday! That will be 5 weeks since the surgery and I’ll be ready. Swimming the next week!

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We can help. Really!

Posted by laurie on February 28, 2013


My sister wanted to come out when I got out of the hospital, but since she and her hubbie Rick had already planned a visit this week to coincide with a weekend wedding in northern NJ, I told her no. I managed fine and it’s great to have them here now. Yesterday Nancy and I went on a successful reconnaissance expedition to located the Trader Joes near of Princeton. And today we’re going to New Hope in Pennsylvania to do a little shopping. Rick will stay home with the boys. Both Nancy and Rick have been helping out with the cooking, and just look who has stepped up to the plate to assist them!

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Just a little to the right

Posted by laurie on February 18, 2013


Kathy came over on Saturday to give Phillip and me massages. You might remember Phillip telling you that she massaged my feet when she visited me in the hospital. Which was by far the nicest thing that was done to my body that week! Naturally, Sherman had to get in on the action. Stanley walked around and under the table, absolutely and completely confused.

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Posted by laurie on February 15, 2013


This is Roz Sherman, I believe you’ve met her before, she’s on the Township Council with Phillip and is always a big hit with the boys. I had two guests yesterday who were less than enthusiastic, so I sat on the little couch holding both of them.

I went to the wound care center yesterday and came home without my vacu-drain! Just a regular bandage now, and I’ll be able to take a shower (and remove the bandage) just before the visiting nurse comes every other day to put on a new one. The same nurse as before so the boys will have to go into the bedroom, but changing it will take much less time than the other.

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Posted by laurie on February 14, 2013


Jenn is our relatively new next-door neighbor. She’s a retired cop who is now renovating the old farmhouse she and her partner bought. They are parents to Bear the cocker spaniel and also inherited two sheep from the guy who sold the house. Stanley likes to bark at all three of them, but there are no complaints. Wonderful neighbors 101.

Today I visit the wound center and I’m looking forward to coming home without a tube attached. The little things…

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Sara and Vous

Posted by laurie on February 13, 2013


This of course is Phillip’s sister Sara with her sheltie Vous. She’s eating a sandwich, can you tell? My diet for a few weeks is low-fiber. Cream of Wheat for breakfast, peanut butter or turkey/cheese on white bread for lunch. No fruits or vegetables. Since my appetite is at only about 70%, it’s not too much of a hardship.

In yesterday’s comments, my friend Julia pointed out that many Asian people are afraid of dogs because they didn’t grow up with them in their homes. This might explain things, as my nurse is Filipino. Anyway, she called from the driveway so I locked the boys in the bedroom with the help of two Denastix treats. We went to the guestroom and were serenaded with their howling (Sherman – quite a surprise) and barking (Stanley) for most of the twenty or so minutes it took to change the bandage. I felt terrible for the boys but there was nothing I could do. The good news is that my incision continues to heal very nicely, and she believes that when I go to the hospital tomorrow for a wound check they will say I don’t need the drain/pump thing I have to carry around. Making progress every day!

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Posted by laurie on February 12, 2013


I’ve decided to take pictures of all my visitors with the boys. This is Kathy, she is my swimming friend (an incredible swimmer) and also my massage therapist (incredible at that, too). Kathy has cats, so I wasn’t sure how she would do with the boys, but as you can see, they all got along fabulously.

The visiting nurse who changed my bandage on Sunday was somewhat frightened by the boys. She asked that for today’s visit, they remain sequestered for the duration. It takes less than 20 minutes, so they’ll be okay. But still

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Posted by laurie on January 28, 2013


Harley brought his parents over for dinner the other night. I was busy cooking when they arrived, and Stanley was so entranced by the ingredients that he barley noticed Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy, much less Harley. And it continued for that way most of the night. Except for a few growls, Stanley was a gentleman. And of course Sherman is always a gentleman, even when he is not the sole apple of his Uncle Bob’s eye.

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Play date

Posted by laurie on January 23, 2013


This should come as no surprise.


Aunt Nancy brought some of Harley’s toys for the boys to play with. Stanley quickly confiscated one of the tennis balls.


And then this (tri-colored!) squeaky toy. It was a bit of an effort to get it through the doggy door, but he did and promptly hid it.


“Well, on the upside, Harley, you’re becoming famous!”

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