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The Lash Pack

Posted by laurie on January 22, 2014


Harper and Bartles the basset.




J.D. the lab and Shotzy.


Shotzy and Woookey.

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Daisy Mae & (?), and Nana

Posted by laurie on January 20, 2014


Sarah writes:

Here’s a pic of our rescue beagle named Nana. This picture was taken just shortly after we adopted her as a pup. She just loves our daughter and gives kisses to anyone who will let her!


Tammy writes:

[We] had been wanting to add a Beagle to the family for over 15 years, but other dogs crossed our paths and needed us so it had to wait. It will be a year on the 30th of this month that we adopted this beautiful little Beagle girl from an animal shelter in a neighboring parish (county) in South Louisiana. Daisy Mae is a petite girl at only 20 lbs, about 3 years old, and is a brown tri-color. I say that she has full size Beagle ears and paws on her petite body. She was found as a stray and was probably a hunting dog that was left behind in nearby woods. She had a list of health issues going on, including an injured leg, and was in heat, but she recovered and is now spayed. She was heartworm positive and we opted to treat with preventative and Doxycycline, and her status will be rechecked in a few weeks. A Beagle our daughter rescued from the roadside in 2012 was treated this way and cured and we’re praying for the same good news. She has come to love being a pet and living in the house. She’s usually the first one waiting to go back inside after their outside time. I adore her…just don’t tell the rest of the pack!

Last week there was a small female Beagle in our Parish animal control shelter, and we adopted her partly to get her out of the freezing cold conditions. We also adopted her because we thought she’d be a good playmate for our Daisy, because she is too rough for the rest of our pack. They are still getting to know each other and when I get a good picture of her I will send it to you. Our “Variety Pack” now has 6 dogs! No, we are not hoarders…just crazy! LOL!

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Olivia & Lola, Skippy & Molly

Posted by laurie on January 17, 2014


Ellen writes:



Someone (?) writes:

This is one of my favorites – two best friends for 14+ years.

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Ruthie, Cobalt & Onyx

Posted by laurie on January 16, 2014


Lisa writes:

I took this photo while Ruthie was standing on my chest with her nose in my face. This is how she lets me know that she wants to be fed right now.



Amy writes:

The first one is Onyx, standing amid (and in) her various toy boxes. She always has to find the perfect toy to bring to her humans when they come into the room. And yes- they are spoiled!

The second picture is Cobalt, who will not go outside in the rain, but won’t come in from the snow.

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Willow, Cassie and JB

Posted by laurie on January 15, 2014


Julie writes:

Michael took this picture of JB and Cassie late last year and we thought it looks like Cassie is thinking ‘my hero’ as she was looking at JB! She likes clean his eyes (he gets tears now he’s getting on a bit!) and she also licks his ears – think she likes being a mummy to him!!


Jan writes:

Here’s Willow showing me how clever she is. A few days earlier, she finished my tea for me when I got up to check something in the kitchen. On this evening, she rang her bell, and I got up to take her out. While I was putting on coat and boots, she raced over to the recliner and slurped down my tea. The photo is a bit blurry because I was laughing so hard.

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Gracie Allen & Peggy Pepper

Posted by laurie on June 13, 2013


Pat writes:

Gracie Allen (beagle) and Peggy Pepper

SISTERS! These two are constantly competing for attention…. And do get into arguments about food, but occasionally we catch them like this and you just have to say awe…..

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Welcome Lady

Posted by laurie on April 29, 2013


Susan (from DE) writes:

We are once again a two dog household! “Lady” arrived yesterday, she’s 9 years old (Josie is 13!) and as you can see, a little smaller than Josie. They’re getting along fine, but aren’t really “hanging out” together just yet (Except in the kitchen, of course!).

Don’t let Lady’s name, petite stature and demure posing for the camera fool you … this 25 pound critter is more beagle than both Josie and Jordan ever were. Rob had to “bear proof” the kitchen, so now we have child safety latches on the cabinets where there is food or trash, and the dishwasher must be thoroughly clicked shut if there are dirty dishes in it. And apparently, Josie and Jordan really never alerted us to exactly how many squirrels there are in the woods around the house — apparently millions, and a beagle really should be baying at them regularly throughout the day.

Lady came with a small crate, and that’s her bedroom of choice. However, it’s a rule that all unattended pillows in the house are Josie’s, and this afternoon we found her curled up asleep inside Lady’s crate, testing out her pillow. I thought we were going to have to call the fire department to bring the jaws of life to get her out, it was kind of a tight squeeze!

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Beasley at six months

Posted by laurie on April 25, 2013


John writes:

Beasley is doing well – he is all boy and all Beagle! He gets neutered Thursday morning. (That’s today!)

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Brooklyn (the beagle, not the city)

Posted by laurie on March 28, 2013


Rebecca writes:

This is Brooklyn! She is a young female Beagle that came to live with us recently through the relative of a friend. I have a call in to the original owner to find out her age, etc. I called her vet’s office and they will not release any info to us until the original owner okays it. HIPPA laws apply to everyone! Brooklyn seems to be about 9 mos. old. She is very tall and she is caramel and white, not the standard Tri-color that we are used to. She moved in on 3/14 and fits in with all of the other hounds. She is super sweet and wants to play.

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Jackson, Samuel and Luke

Posted by laurie on March 21, 2013

My apologies to Therese for misplacing this email. Jackson passed away on January 29. Therese writes:


It is with great sadness however, that I tell you that we lost our other little beagle boy, Jackson, on January 29th, he was 16 years old, and made it to one year almost exactly from the passing of his older brother Samuel Lee Dean. We adopted Jackson when Samuel was a year old to be Samuel’s best buddy and he took his job seriously, there was no where Samuel went that Jackson didn’t go – including several escapes from the yard that lead to tours of the neighborhood (once he was even escorted home in a police car!). Jackson loved to go out in the yard in the middle of rain and thunder only to come back in several times to get dried off under a large bath towel – then run back out the doggie door again! He barked a beautiful song with his brother and sang whenever he got his ears rubbed. Jackson was a true beagle, NEVER missing out on any food, he loved long walks with his brother and finding any piece of paper to carry along the way. His favorite place was on the end of the couch by me his beaglemom. He loved playing in the fresh snow and burying his nose in it smelling the ground below. We miss you and your brother so very much, but take solace that you are both free of pain now, running and barking again with each other!

And this is Luke:


This is our Luke Anthony whom we rescued last year after the passing of our Samuel Lee Dean. Luke weighed all of 12 pounds when we brought him home and had a giant gash on the inside of his hind leg. He was house-trained and quickly learned from brother Jackson, how to use the doggie door. We worried someone had beat the bark out of him, but after the first week he proved that was false when a stranger crossed the other side of the street! He loves to lay on his back with all legs in the air, cuddle on blankets, and chew EVERYTHING, a pair of slippers, 3 pair of eyeglasses, woodwork, rugs, boxes of Kleenex, toilet paper, and towels. He’s not too keen on car-rides yet, but neither was brother Jackson when he was young – this too shall pass!

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