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The lunch crowd

Posted by laurie on June 9, 2014


Bear and Roscoe have become semi-regulars, staying with us for another weekend. This time I got Roscoe to eat three whole meals, by feeding him by hand. Naturally I had four other dogs in close proximity, sort of like here when I was trying to eat a sandwich, but hey, whatever works.

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Posted by laurie on February 18, 2014


Proof that spring exists. Because it’s snowing…again.

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Still life with Maggie

Posted by laurie on January 27, 2014


I’m not done posting the guest DDs (coming up in order of receipt from: Cathy, Maureen, Donna, Kim, Lauren, Jean, Emily, Luana, Mike) but wanted the vacationing Courtneay and Lance to see their Maggie. She settled right in and is getting along fine with the boys. She tries to get Stanley to play, but he’s not ready just quite yet.

We bought this chair a couple of years ago to be my “reading chair” but I never used it because there was no light in the corner. Phillip installed some track lighting a couple of weeks ago so on occasion I get my butt off the couch and into my chair. Stanley paces back and forth and looks at me with pitiful eyes. He likes to read with his mama, so I really have no choice at all but to let him up. He’ll frequently stand and turn in a circle to change position but as you can see, this is the only viable one. He does provide a nice warm body during this latest polar vortex.

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Happy birthday, Rick

Posted by laurie on January 6, 2014


Ugh. Today is Monday, the start of the first 5-day work week I’ve had in what seems like months. A little extra coffee is definitely in order.

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Nov 22

Posted by laurie on November 22, 2013


My birthday is on the day Kennedy was assassinated. What a claim to fame, huh? I began it by running for 54 minutes. I might get a massage, and we’re going out for dinner with Cathy and Judy. Looking forward to the day!

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Thank goodness they’re self-sticking

Posted by laurie on October 7, 2013


I’m pretty sure this is how Michelle Obama got started: stamping postcards for her husband’s campaign. Phillip is running for re-election to the Town Council this November. He is very busy knocking on doors and strategizing with the other candidates. Because I was at the kitchen counter, Stanley refused to believe there wasn’t food involved and stayed to watch while I stamped postcards. Sorry, Stan.

>>>>> The 2014 Daily Digital Calendar is ready to order! Like last time, you’ll be able to enter up to five special days. <<<<<

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No wonder

Posted by laurie on September 24, 2013


It’s nice to know that everyone was comfortable while I was hanging on for dear life. Apparently Stanley was on the other side of the bed. The others seemed to leave him little choice.

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The salad course

Posted by laurie on September 19, 2013


Buddy is a finicky eater when it comes to treats. He’ll carefully sniff what you offer and sometimes take it, sometimes not. I think this has something to do with the fact that he is part dachshund. Surprisingly, he doesn’t like carrots, nor does his sister Holly who seems to like just about everything else. Both love sugar snap peas. Go figure.

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See you in September

Posted by laurie on August 19, 2013


I’m spending the week at Elliot’s house in Oregon. My sister and brother-in-law live there as well. I’ll be back here the week after next. See you then!

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All is good

Posted by laurie on July 3, 2013


Certain people worry if I don’t have the DD up by 8:30, so to those I say, “Don’t worry!” I woke up this morning with an upset stomach so I went back to bed and woke up all better.

Happy Fourth of July to my U.S. friends! I’ll be back on Friday. Tonight and tomorrow I have to study for my annual Bill of Rights quiz.

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