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Still life with sweet potato chewies

Posted by laurie on July 2, 2014


Who knew dehydrating could be so much fun? Thanks, Joan! Last night I loaded it up with bananas, strawberries, blueberries and kale. The kale and the strawberries shrunk a lot, the bananas not quite so much, and the blueberries not at all. Tonight, eggplant bacon!

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Nov 22

Posted by laurie on November 22, 2013


My birthday is on the day Kennedy was assassinated. What a claim to fame, huh? I began it by running for 54 minutes. I might get a massage, and we’re going out for dinner with Cathy and Judy. Looking forward to the day!

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No problem!

Posted by laurie on April 22, 2013


Oh oh oh, we had such a wonderful time.  Judy and Cathy are flanking the other side of Hooper, one of the dive guys.  I didn’t bring my underwater camera because, frankly, the diving is nothing greater than mediocre.  But we had fun anyway.


The mornings and early afternoons were beautiful. (This, by the way, is my favorite shot from the whole trip.)


Some afternoons it rained so we sat out on the porch. Judy introduced me to this logic game called Kakuro (sort of like Sudoku) and I quickly became obsessed. (Second favorite.)


The west coast sunsets were nothing like the ones in New Jersey. (Third favorite.)


We celebrated our 22nd anniversary while we were there. See what I’ve had to live with for the past 22 years?

The boys had an equally wonderful time at Camp LaBolle. Audrey sent us emails and photos every day and I have to say that, while we missed them, we did not worry about them for ONE second. Audrey and Kevin plus Buddy and Holly took such great care of them. We’re looking forward to reciprocating next September unless of course we can get them sooner!

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Guess who?

Posted by laurie on February 6, 2013

Wow, am I ever glad to be back! Thank-you a million times, and then a million times more for your thoughts and prayers over the past week. Phillip read me the comments each day. I’m in rehab, at Phillip’s hospital, and I hope to go home this week. Like really hope to go home this week. I’m walking well, off the narcotics, eating real food, and I’m lighter to the tune of three feet of intestine! I have a large vertical incision and Phillip and I are starting to think about how we’ll keep Sherman off my stomach while I log a couple of weeks of couch time before going back to work. And more still before I can swim. But I’m quite happy to be alive, I went from a stomach ache to the OR in 5-1/2 hours, and any more delay would have been quite bad indeed. I think the worst of this is over. Thank-you a third million times. You guys are just wonderful!.

P.S. Last night I had to approve of 18 comments, so that might clear up the trouble people had with posting.

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Rehab Day 1

Posted by laurie on February 5, 2013

Laurie has now transferred to my hospital to begin Rehab. I think the goal is to strengthen her stomach muscles so she can bend over to feed the boys. She is doing well. It’s 11:40 and so far she has not needed pain meds.

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Hospital Day 5

Posted by laurie on February 4, 2013

It’s 6 AM. We are waiting for the surgical team to round so we can talk to them about discharge planning. Laurie may leave the hospital today and go to rehab. We have a lot of questions about her bandage which is a new high tech thing called Wound Vac but it looks like she will have this for about a month.

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What a difference a day makes Hospital Day 2

Posted by laurie on February 1, 2013

Yesterday was a good day. Laurie stood up and walked a few steps. Most, shall we say, bodily functions are working. All according to schedule. She was VERY drowsy but it was because they gave some of her meds at the wrong time of the day. We’re fixing that. Today she’ll be walking big time. No predictions yet on when things will happen. I couldn’t be there for rounds so I left a big note for the team to call me when they came by. They didn’t call. Doctors!!! — go figure.

Seriously the hospital has been great and so have all of you with your comments. Laurie read them last night, it made her smile. Let’s see if she is up to commenting herself today. Oh and feel free to talk about other beagle things as well as Laurie.

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Worth reading

Posted by laurie on December 18, 2012

Phillip’s niece Gabrielle lives in Newtown, Connecticut with her husband Chad and their three children: 2-year old Coleman and 6-month old twins, Chasen and Chayla. Chad wrote this powerful and eloquent piece which the Hartford Courant published on Sunday. The link is here, but I wanted to include it all below.


Last year, not long after the birth of my first son, I decided to move my family to an ideal, safe American town — the Sandy Hook section of Newtown.

Friday, I was in a doctor’s office with my six-month-old baby when I heard about the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. I had told my wife just that morning that I would never complain about my long commute to New York City because life in Sandy Hook has been so nice.

Everybody in that office sensed something was very wrong when a mother received an emergency call and was told her daughter was in the school. She immediately broke down in uncontrollable hysteria, as doctors rushed to console and comfort her.

My kids are still too young to attend the very elementary school that will now forever be etched into our nation’s conscience. But every parent and every resident of this area knows the palpable pain that, although surely nothing compared to the victims’ families, brings a sense of deep loss.

Sandy Hook is just over 60 miles from Manhattan. Many people in this community probably moved here for reasons similar to mine. We wanted to give our children a good life, a safe life where they could play outside, run around with their friends, go to good schools with caring teachers and learn in a nurturing environment. We moved here because, like so many Americans, we want simple things in life: peace, security, happiness, love and a better life for our kids.

Last month, I brought my 2-year-old son for his first haircut in the middle of town. As I think about him sitting in a chair in the shape of a truck, playing with toys — his only fear the locks of blond hair falling past his eyes — I cringe to think of how many sat in that same chair who are now gone and of the parents who had life’s greatest gift inexplicably taken from them.

In times of unthinkable tragedy, we have a tendency to ask, “why?”

We know that there is no answer, no logic that can begin to make the order of the universe feel right at this moment. Perhaps we think that if we can find some explanation that makes a bit of sense, then maybe we can justify why we weren’t the victims, why it didn’t happen to us or why it won’t happen again.

Sandy Hook, however, proves once again that tragedy can befall anyone, anywhere, from the most innocent among us to the biggest, strongest, smartest, richest or most famous. We are reminded that life is precious and fragile and it can be taken away in an instant.

Just as we cannot make sense of what happened, we cannot pretend that there are silver linings.

We can, however, come closer as a community, to do whatever we can to help our neighbors in need. Perhaps we can even be a model for a fractured nation and show that, just once, sensibility and empathy can trump politics and agendas. This need not devolve into a rancorous debate about whether gun control or gun rights should trump. Instead, we should be talking about why love should triumph over hate, gentleness over violence and hope over despair. For a tired nation that has been embroiled in bitter bickering and partisan politics for years, those are not political points, but human ones.

I will never forget what happened in this little bucolic town and the lives that were forever lost and altered. We will all be reminded of it in some way every time we engage in the most mundane of life’s activities. We should strive to remember something else, however, as it difficult as it may be right now. There is a reason why many of us came to Sandy Hook in the first place. Let us fulfill our potential as a community and be worthy of their memory.

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Remains of the week

Posted by laurie on August 3, 2012

Nancy’s tupperware drawer is at the ideal height for little Ari, who, along with the bassets are helping with dinner.

That’s Ari on top of his big sister Mia. And of course you’ve met Elliot and Telsha.

What? Three of them? The middle basset is Chloe, who lives down the street and came over for the afternoon.

It takes a village to change a diaper.

Left to right: Ari, Rachel and Mia, Nancy, Lexi, Seth and Dillon. I fly home today, and the boys return on Monday!

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Telsha and Dillon

Posted by laurie on August 1, 2012

From left to right: Dillon (2-1/2 years) and Telsha (12 years). Dillon is my nephew Seth’s son and Telsha belongs to my sister. Telsha is getting on in years and reminds me a lot of Clayton. Most of the time she enjoys resting, but as soon as food is involved, she’s on high alert. Nancy and Rick keep a bowl of plain popcorn around to use for treats. What a good idea! Sherman and Stanley, you’ll have popcorn this weekend.

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