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Full house

Posted by laurie on July 3, 2014


The special Fourth of July camp session is in full swing. I texted our neighbor to tell her that we have three additional dogs and sorry about the barking. No worries, she wrote back, we have two additional poodles!

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My new hobby

Posted by laurie on June 30, 2014


Bear and Roscoe spent another weekend with us. Maggie arrives on Wednesday, and Tootsie and Buttercup might return as well. Busy, busy, busy, I was busy this past weekend, too, trying out my new dehydrator. I made sweet potato chewies for the boys which came out quite well, and also dried strawberries, bananas, plantains, apricots, kale and zucchini. Delicious!

For the sweet potato chews, I just cut and placed them into the dehydrator. I had to microwave them first for a couple of minutes so that they would be easier to cut. I made the slices about 1/4 inch thick, maybe more. (I used a mandolin) and cooked at 135 for ~15 hours.

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The dinner crowd

Posted by laurie on June 25, 2014


Uh oh, Stanley! Double foot fault!

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Posted by laurie on June 23, 2014


Camp is in full swing with Buttercup and Tootsie staying here for a few days while Courtney and Mike take the kids to Chincoteague, Virginia. That’s the island with the wild ponies. The girls always settle in right away. Courtney said that Buttercup might have a little dementia and that sometimes instead of eating her supper she’ll just bark at it. I tried some chicken broth on her kibble and that did the trick. She still knows how to eat like a beagle.

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The lunch crowd

Posted by laurie on June 9, 2014


Bear and Roscoe have become semi-regulars, staying with us for another weekend. This time I got Roscoe to eat three whole meals, by feeding him by hand. Naturally I had four other dogs in close proximity, sort of like here when I was trying to eat a sandwich, but hey, whatever works.

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Où est Vous?

Posted by laurie on June 5, 2014


Phillip called me at work yesterday. He had spent a full half-hour looking for Vous. She was nowhere to be seen. He checked the garage, the sheds, he walked the fence looking for breaches. He was getting frantic when he decided to check the bedroom once again and there she was, under the bed. She has been sleeping on the floor next to my side of the bed at night, and I guess she likes it there. Misplacing a camper is so nerve-wracking!

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Full house

Posted by laurie on June 3, 2014


Beagle camp is full. Vous is here for two weeks while Sara goes to Europe.


Roscoe and Bear from next door spent part of the weekend with us while their moms were away. In fact they attended the beaglefest. Most of the time they could be found underneath someone’s chair. The boys are very sweet. Roscoe jumps up on me to cuddle when I read on the couch. But he runs from me when I try to give him his supper bowl! Very hard to wrap your head around it! Roscoe the anti-beagle.

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Lady and Huck

Posted by laurie on June 2, 2014


Hey everyone, it’s Susan from DE! We had an SOS Rescue beaglefest on Saturday and she and Lady made the drive up from Delaware. Lady is a petite sweetheart and here of course she’s doing what she does best.

We had about 60 people and 40+ dogs. Sherman and Stanely are pooped!


And Emily writes: “The next generation arrived — Hucknall. All beagle, part termite, growth properties of wild weeds, and needs a new cardboard box.”

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Posted by laurie on May 29, 2014


Rest in peace sweet Elliot. My sister Nancy and her husband Rick had to put Elliot to sleep yesterday. He was the quintessential basset hound and as sweet as could be. His arooooo filled the house and he was popular with everyone in the neighborhood. He will be missed.

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Posted by laurie on May 23, 2014


Rest in peace, Scout who passed away at the age of 14. He’s 4 years old in this first photo.


And this is from last year. Scott writes: “Here Scout brings me my hiking boot from the upstairs bedroom. A boot dropped at my foot was his hint to go out.”

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