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Of personal space

Posted by laurie on February 25, 2014


It’s really a toss-up between Scooter and Sherman when it comes to personal space, or the lack thereof.

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At the risk of repeating myself

Posted by laurie on February 20, 2014


Spenser was such a lap dog. A 42-pound lap dog.

Speaking of winter, Phillip informs me that our average snowfall is 25″ (63.5 cm), and this year we’ve already collected 58″ (147.3 cm). Yesterday my sister texted me a photo of her Oregon daffodils. Is that sisterly love? I don’t think so! I replied with a photo of a huge snow pile in my parking lot at work.

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Do you want to know a secret?

Posted by laurie on February 19, 2014


I’m very happy with the fire escape shelf. I only recommend it if you are very handy. It took Captain Siding about a half hour to hang it. The two plants on it are the only two plants I own because I (unintentionally) kill any plant that I acquire. I’ve been watering these for several weeks now and am amazed at their longevity.

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Look into my eyes

Posted by laurie on January 10, 2014


My friend Carol emailed me about car harnesses. Subaru and a couple of safety organization did tests on various harnesses and found many to be unsafe. The favorite according to Consumer Reports is the Clickit. Pricey ($89.99 from the manufacturer) but worth it. Thanks for the valuable info, Carol.

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Let the dieting begin

Posted by laurie on January 2, 2014


As always, we spend Christmas with Cathy and Judy and their friend Celia. That’s five people and there were six dogs. Keesha and Tallie are the two Keeshonds, Mojo is the Schipperke and Frisky (not pictured) is the small furry white dog. Tallie and Stanley had a great deal to discuss and sometimes it was difficult for the humans to hear each other above their voices.


Please meet Harper’s new German shepherd, Wookey Girl Lash!

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Get out the summer clothes

Posted by laurie on December 23, 2013


It was close to 70 yesterday, warmer outside than in.


I’m taking a DD vacation from Christmas through New Year’s. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers!

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Is this stomach taken?

Posted by laurie on December 11, 2013


Sometimes it takes us a while to get things done. Notice the paint cans on the far right. The painting was completed a couple of weeks ago but neither of us has bothered to put the remaining paint in the crawlspace (like half a basement). That thing next to the paint is half of the “fire escape” shelf that I ordered from Phillip hung part of it before we noticed that it wasn’t level. He used a level, but the thing itself is not level. So eventually we’ll get around to fixing it and putting that up, probably just above where it’s now sitting in place of the picture. I’m still actively in love with the new paint colors.

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Posted by laurie on November 25, 2013


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I spent part of the day at the funeral of Aunt Nancy’s father. Never did get the massage but had a nice dinner out followed by some decadent Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. On both Friday and Saturday we hung pictures on the wall. That set of three are my photos. That guy’s my husband.


I’m going to take a DD vacation this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I have to make four pies and pumpkin bread.


We’re having Thanksgiving at our niece’s house in Connecticut. Nineteen adults, 5 kids under 2-years old plus a whole bunch of dogs. I’d better remember to take my camera.

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Goodbye pastels

Posted by laurie on November 8, 2013


Am I ever sick of these yellow walls. I painted most of the house in the years after we moved in (15 years ago) and to celebrate paying off the mortgage (!) we’re having part of it professionally painted next week. Phillip met Tony through politics and he’s going to paint the kitchen, living room and the hallway (upstairs and downstairs), plus the ceilings. The bedrooms and bathrooms don’t bother me that much so we’ll wait on those. I am going to be daring in the living room and paint it a dark color: “Etruscan” brown. My sister painted her family room this color and I liked it a lot when I saw it this summer. The hallway will be “Handmade” cream and the kitchen will remain blue though not the pastel blue I have come to despise, but a richer “Swiss” blue. This weekend we have to clean out the rooms and figure out how to keep the boys away from the painter. They like Tony and vice versa, it’s really more keeping them away from the paint. I’m sure Phillip will think of something clever. I just want to know one thing, how much do they pay people to come up with these absurd paint names? Is this a gig I could do when I retire?

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And the winner is…

Posted by laurie on November 6, 2013


…Phillip, by a vote of 1,694 to 796 in his reelection to the Franklin Township Council. Congratulations!! Phillip worked sooooo hard on his campaign and even had a bipartisan backing. And guess what? His opponent also has two beagles – one which his family adopted at our beaglefest a few years ago.


A photo from last week – that’s Cory Booker, the former mayor of Newark and newly elected senator from NJ.

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