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Posted by laurie on April 3, 2014


When we first got Clayton I didn’t want him to sleep on the bed. Then, well, I didn’t want him to touch the sheets. Make that no going under the covers. I was hopeless, but fortunately learned quickly.

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Many many many bricks

Posted by laurie on March 27, 2014


Those bricks are part of the “Great Wall of Spenser” that Jean mentioned on Tuesday. Neither Clayton nor Scooter tried to escape from the yard. Clayton occasionally escaped from the back woods (invisible fence) but Scooter would come to a screeching halt right before the flags.

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Scooter and Matisse

Posted by laurie on March 20, 2014



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Posted by laurie on March 14, 2014


Such beautiful boys.


And have you ever seen a dog bed this pristine outside of a store?

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Of personal space

Posted by laurie on February 25, 2014


It’s really a toss-up between Scooter and Sherman when it comes to personal space, or the lack thereof.

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Phone home

Posted by laurie on January 7, 2014


Scooter looked cute in just about every picture, with this being one of the cutest.

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Of ugly slipcovers

Posted by laurie on December 19, 2013


Phillip is picking up the calendars today from Ron. I have the envelopes labeled and need to get stamps. I’ll mail them Friday and/or Saturday. If you’re planning on giving one as a Christmas present, let me know and I’ll be sure to send it out first.

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From a winter past

Posted by laurie on December 17, 2013


Scooter was very agile in the snow, running and jumping like a deer. Clayton, not so much. But those ears! They make up for everything.

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Who took the comics?

Posted by laurie on December 10, 2013


The most expensive thing Scooter every destroyed was a hearing aid which at the time cost about $1500. He also ripped up the side of the loveseat, and chewed up one of my brand new shoes. Spenser chewed up a winter jacket in search of a treat in an inner pocket and of course loved to rip apart toys. Clayton just went for the food. Like the time he got hold of the sugar bowl…

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A haiku for your Thursday

Posted by laurie on November 21, 2013


If you take enough


doggy shots, you are bound to


capture some big yawns.

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