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Full house

Posted by laurie on July 3, 2014


The special Fourth of July camp session is in full swing. I texted our neighbor to tell her that we have three additional dogs and sorry about the barking. No worries, she wrote back, we have two additional poodles!

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Snack time

Posted by laurie on June 18, 2014


Looks gross, doesn’t it?


They’re sweet potato chews. They even keep Stanley busy for a few minutes.

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His triumphant return

Posted by laurie on June 11, 2014


Mr. Squirrel made it through the winter, though he’s missing part of his nose.


The funniest part of this was Vous running back and forth while barking at it.

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The lunch crowd

Posted by laurie on June 9, 2014


Bear and Roscoe have become semi-regulars, staying with us for another weekend. This time I got Roscoe to eat three whole meals, by feeding him by hand. Naturally I had four other dogs in close proximity, sort of like here when I was trying to eat a sandwich, but hey, whatever works.

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Memorial Day

Posted by laurie on May 26, 2014


I was going to take a DD vacation day until Phillip came downstairs dressed in his Air Force uniform, ready to march in the parade.

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The view from below

Posted by laurie on May 16, 2014


Just look at that Taj Ma Patio. I’ve found that spraying vinegar on a hot and sunny day is an effective and non-toxic way of getting rid of the weeds. And if you add a little oil you can have a salad.

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Better you than me

Posted by laurie on May 12, 2014


Sherman came along for the ride when we took Stanley to the vet on Saturday.


He was licking his butt and Phillip was unable to express Stan’s anal glands. The vet was able to do so, though not without some struggle and a little blood. Stanley is on a course of antibiotics and a non-steroidal. He has nearly stopped licking and he’ll be fine.

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See you in May

Posted by laurie on April 21, 2014


Phillip and I leave for Jamaica on Wednesday! We’re going to the same resort we go to every year. The boys will stay with Buddy and Holly (and of course Audrey and Kevin), while two grad students will stay at our house and water the lawn every day.

Feel free to carry on conversations. I’ll be back on Monday, May 5th.

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Look who stopped by

Posted by laurie on April 7, 2014


Tada! It’s the triumphant return of Uncle Bob!


Have I ever mentioned that Uncle Bob is the local Republican party chairman? And Phillip is a Democrat? They agree on just about everything local, and ignore national politics with each other. Although they do give each other grief for watching Fox News/MSNBC, respectively.

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Dig it

Posted by laurie on April 4, 2014


Quite a hole, wouldn’t you say? I believe it’s the biggest hole that any of the beagles has ever dug.


I guess I’m lucky because no doubt it pales in comparison to some of the holes that your beagles have dug, am I right?

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