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Posted by laurie on July 6, 2014

Dear friends,

The Daily Digital has been a labor of love for the past fourteen years. But lately my inspiration has faded and sometimes it feels like a chore.

Phew, I said it. I’ve been trying to summon the courage for a few weeks because I know this will be sad for many of you. You’ve followed all of us through thick and thin: me, Phillip, Clayton, Spenser, Scooter, Sherman, Stanley, our friends and relatives, even my colon. Believe me when I say that I feel the love.

I shared my feelings with Susan (from DE) at the beaglefest in May, and she made a great suggestion: to start a Facebook page where anyone could post photos and the community that we’ve established here could continue. So I’ve gone ahead and done that. Search for “The Daily Digital” or click here and join*. Post photos and join in on the conversation. Let’s make this a new beginning.


* It’s a “closed” Facebook group meaning that all posts stay in the group (and don’t go to everyones friends). Anyone can join.

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Posted by laurie on June 24, 2014


Our mower has been in the shop twice in the last three weeks. It won’t start. Fortunately we have wonderful neighbors: Bear and Roscoe’s mom mowed our lawn twice without us asking!

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Posted by laurie on May 7, 2014


There were torrential rains while we were gone and the river and canal both flooded. Part of the road, too but that was cleared up by the time we got home.


The boys’ Saturday morning walk was muddy and a hose awaited them at home. Spring is here!

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Crunch crunch

Posted by laurie on April 10, 2014


I love the Internet. I asked Google “why do dogs’ feet smell like Fritos?” and got 15,500 results back. The answer is, no surprise, bacteria and it’s nothing to worry about. Scooter’s feet used to smell like Fritos and Sherman’s feet do, too.

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Posted by laurie on April 2, 2014


For some reason I am reminded of the little Prince George. With his proud papa.

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The great escape(s)

Posted by laurie on March 25, 2014


I spent an entire weekend wrapping chicken wire along the bottom of the fence to prevent Spenser from digging under. He got out the next day. We followed up with bricks around the entire base. That didn’t work either and Phillip had to put down some concrete near one of the gates, which didn’t stop Spenser. Finally we installed an invisible fence around the outer perimeter and this was 100% effective in keeping Mr. Man in the yard. He was one clever and determined beagle.

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How do you say that?

Posted by laurie on March 18, 2014


This is Rick Glass, the neurologist/neurosurgeon who treated Clayton and has since become a friend of Phillip. If you don’t remember the story, here’s what happened. All of a sudden one morning while he was eating breakfast, Clayton began to scream in pain. We rushed him to the vet who suspected a disk problem and they sent us to see Rick. He had an MRI and everything looked okay, so they put him on prednisone and seven weeks of crate rest. The crate rest was very stressful for everyone but fortunately I was home during the day because I’d (unfortunately) been laid off from my job. So I was able to take him outside every few hours and carry him up and down the stairs (he had three crates in different rooms). He completely recovered until the next year when the symptoms recurred. Another MRI was negative but bloodwork showed that Clayton had eosinophilic meningoencephalomyelitis, an auto-immune disorder (and tongue twister!) affecting the central nervous system. The treatment, as it turned out, was Prednisone, which is why he got better the first time. The crate rest was not necessary. He had a few more episodes which we learned to catch early on because he would start to arch his back. The frequent prednisone had side effects, but he still made it to sixteen. Clayton was my first dog and taught me everything I needed to know.

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Close up

Posted by laurie on February 11, 2014


The boys are going stir-crazy. Every night at about 8:00, Stanley chases himself around the house. Up and down the stairs, on and off the bed. I’d enroll them in an aerobics class if I could.

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Minnie and Scout

Posted by laurie on February 6, 2014


Mike writes:

A cold day in Ontario, Canada. So Minnie made her own cozy cave bed.


Emily writes:

This is our beautiful young friend Scout II – she loves summer but probably won’t go fishing again (that is a fish hook!)

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Lexi (and the weather)

Posted by laurie on February 5, 2014


Jean and Dave write:

This is our Lexi. We adopted her from Beagle Paws back in 2011. We don’t know too much about her background other than she was found as a stray in Newfoundland. Beagle Paws flew her out to Calgary where we adopted her. She’s a very thoughtful, anxious to please girl, and we can’t imagine being without her.


I took this on Monday during the snow storm. Today there’s a combination of rain and sleet and freezing rain so I’m working at home. And saying a little prayer for the power lines.

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