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Posted by laurie on May 30, 2014


Such good sports!

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Posted by laurie on May 29, 2014


Rest in peace sweet Elliot. My sister Nancy and her husband Rick had to put Elliot to sleep yesterday. He was the quintessential basset hound and as sweet as could be. His arooooo filled the house and he was popular with everyone in the neighborhood. He will be missed.

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The view from below

Posted by laurie on May 28, 2014


We took Stanley back to the vet on Saturday and she said his butt looks good. She also said he could stand to lose a pound or two. Stanley begs to differ.

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Look into my eyes

Posted by laurie on May 27, 2014


Ugh, back to work after a long weekend. Maybe Clayton can cheer you up.

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Memorial Day

Posted by laurie on May 26, 2014


I was going to take a DD vacation day until Phillip came downstairs dressed in his Air Force uniform, ready to march in the parade.

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Posted by laurie on May 23, 2014


Rest in peace, Scout who passed away at the age of 14. He’s 4 years old in this first photo.


And this is from last year. Scott writes: “Here Scout brings me my hiking boot from the upstairs bedroom. A boot dropped at my foot was his hint to go out.”

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Posted by laurie on May 22, 2014


Because it’s the law.

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On his majesty’s throne

Posted by laurie on May 21, 2014


I was woken up last night by Sherman’s shrill barking, which often accompanies his nightly forays into the yard. I have no idea what that dog is doing but am thankful that our neighbors haven’t “mentioned it.”

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Posted by laurie on May 20, 2014


“I don’t know.”

“Neither do I.”

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Afternoon nappies

Posted by laurie on May 19, 2014


How adorable is this?

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